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By omar_jed ·

I have an issue with upgrading to fiber optic Connection between switches.

the problem is each time a power interruption a cure in some location I have to reset the fiber optic cable converters "by puling them out and push theme back to location or by removing the cable connection. my question is this NORMAL or it's a equipment failure (one time I replaced the converter with new one) ,pleas help me in this matter.

Omar Bajaber

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by AmberHaze In reply to UPS AND SWITCHES

While I can't specifically say if it is supposed to be "NORMAL", I can say definatively that I have NEVEr had to do such a thing... My fibre networks have always recoverd from power fialure without incident. (Although I also must mention that I always put such equiment on UPS so the only faulure which takes out equipment is in excess of about 1/2 an hour. And I always set my UPS's to require human intervention to restart. Thus protecting equipment from the potentially unstable "Startup" fase involved in power outages.

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by mcfudge47 In reply to

I have one connection that does this. "Someone" placed a multi-mode fiber connector on a switch. These types of connections need to be reset to operate after a power swap over.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to UPS AND SWITCHES

It's not something that I've seen either but again I also use UPS's on every Optical Switch/Hub.

Does removing the power fix the problem like a conventional Switch/Hub?

If this persists you might need to look at different equipment but I have never seen this happen in the time that I've used Optical Networking gear.


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by omar_jed In reply to UPS AND SWITCHES

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