UPS and Thin Clients?

By Analyticus ·
OK, simple question here... if I run a thin client, or zero client, on my business network connecting to a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server, is it necessary to have a battery backup (UPS) for the thin or zero client? After all, a workstation runs the software locally and power outages would cause problems if it doesn't have a battery backup. A think client, however, is doing emulation or virtualization from the server - so if it loses power, the server is still running the software, is it not?

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Thin clients are just doing remote control to a session on the mainframe

by robo_dev In reply to UPS and Thin Clients?

I mean server :)

So just like in the olden days, if you switch the green-screen terminal off, the session on the host is not affected by that. You have to login again, of course.

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Yep the server is running the software

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to UPS and Thin Clients?

But when power goes out to the Thin Client all work stops so there is a productivity issue to be considered here. It's not much use if the server is running whatever and no one in the office can do any work.

So everything in the Network chain requires battery backup so things like Thin Clients and Switches must have UPS's so that work can continue.

However if your only concern is potential Data Loss during a power outage and lost productivity is unimportant then nothing requires UPS's except the server.

Though I must admit that not too many CEO's Business Owners are happy to see their staff standing around being paid and doing nothing for the company.


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