UPS, Delivery that is

By Snuffy09 ·
I ordered New processor and GFX card upgrades for my computer. They would have been at my house today but nobody was there to sign so UPS took the package back! They will try again tomorrow, that doesnt do me any good i will still be at work!

Is their a way to recieve without having to sign?

And, were do they take your package to? I checked the tracking number, it just gives me the city.

This is frustrating

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by christianshiflet In reply to UPS, Delivery that is

There should be a slip on your door when you get there that asks what you wnat them to do after the next failed delivery. I believe you can also call them and make the same request. But basically, you want them to hold the package at the sorting facility for pickup. They should be able to give you directions and, so long as you don't live in the middle of nowhere, it shouldn't be too far away.

I hope that helps and enjoy your new goodies.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Re: UPS

Thank you!

I will :)

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Go pick it up

by jimmy-jam In reply to UPS, Delivery that is

The UPS office is off of 283 in East Pete. I've done it many times.

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re-routed to your work

by jakepp In reply to Go pick it up

You can always re-route it to another address, go to:
In your receipt you should see a string of numbers (InfoNotice number) put that in click Track, it will take you to another screen. Click on View Package progress and look for something that gives your 3 options:
1-Hold package for pickup
2-send back to sender
3-ship to different address

I hope it helps.

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What time they open till?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Go pick it up

how late can i pick up?

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Type of delivery

by mjd420nova In reply to UPS, Delivery that is

You must have choosen the signature required delivery option. All of the stuff I get from UPS is dropped at the door and left there. Sometimes I get a bang on the door and by the time I get there, the package is at the step and the delivery guy is already back in his truck.

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As a Teamster, I can tell you

by Dr Dij In reply to Type of delivery

that if the shipper wants a signature,
they won't now accept the delivery slips signed it seems.

They need the electronic gizmo signed in person. I think they don't want to have to bother with scanning the paper signatures.

I know this, because I stayed at a Holiday in last night?

No, actually I temped with UPS during holidays!

I'm still unemployed, but it was a bunch of fun. I actually went from slightly overweight from years sitting at my computer terminal to the high end of healthy range. Wow, I'll write a book, the UPS diet!

It was fun dropping off the cr*p people order online and a great thrill to ring their doorbell so they get their cr*p faster. The jaded career drivers just leave it but being new and naive I got a thrill out of them getting their stuff.

Unless of course the box had a rip in it or looked banged up, then we just left it to avoid them returning it immediately.

Even ran into a family walking thru parking lot near their home, and the little kid looks up and says "Who are you". I said "We're santa's helpers", and we actually had a package for them right then :)

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