UPS for 40TB Storage Server

By tyre ·
I have a storage server with 4 total power supplies 3 used and for backup each are 500W for a total of 1500W. I want to purchase the correct battery backup and I am unsure the amout of protection I need. Do I need to purchase on the has a capacity of 1500W and above?

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In a word..No

by NormH3 In reply to UPS for 40TB Storage Serv ...

Don't be confused. The 500w that you are refering to is the output rating of the supplies not on the 120v input. You need to look at the input VA ratings of the supplies to determine what size UPS is required. Also I suspect that the fourth supply is always live and needs to be considered in the equation as well. Just remember, your single point of failure in this scenario will be the UPS. For true power redundancy, you would require at least 3.

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Depends on what you want to achieve here

by OH Smeg In reply to UPS for 40TB Storage Serv ...

If it is just a Safe Shut down during a Power Outage then may be a 1,100 VA UPS may be sufficient to Auto Shut Down the server. As the above poster quite rightly said with Redundant PS Systems you need to consider the Power Rating of the Unused PS however if this is not one of the Auto Switching Redundant Array and you have to plug in a power lead to the last PS then you can all but ignore it though you really should have some reserve in place to be on the safe side. You may be required to plug in the last PS without unplugging any of the others and if you do not have a sufficient Safety Margin built in, the UPS could shut down in the Overload condition negating any benefit of having a UPS there in the first place.

However if you want to keep this Server running to complete a Task you don't need a UPS you need Backup Power Solution and you really should speak to a professional on this as the systems are vastly different and vary dramatically in cost. It's always best to get the right tool for the job at hand so speaking to a Specialist Backup Power Supplier is the best option for you here. They will supply what you need not what you think you want.

You also have to remember that UPS's have sealed Lead Acid Batteries something like what is fitted to your car and these do fail or go off so they not only need to be regularly Tested & replaced when they fail to meet Specs but they can fail unexpectedly when a load is applied. To be truly safe here you should have 1 UPS for each Power Supply including the one not being used. But this increases your Initial outlay, Service & Maintenance Costs not to mention eating up more space.

Not to mention the chances of Failure increased 4 times though that could be construed as the chances of Failure decreased 4 times too. :)


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