UPS software and Windows 2008

By t_bonee ·
Hi all,

I got an APC UPS with a couple DL380's running Windows 2008 hanging off it.

Since there is no timetable for Windows 2008 support for the Powerchute software by APC, how is everyone handling clean shutdowns and what not for Server 2008 in case of extended power outage?

I can't be the only one running 2008 and wanting to have my servers shutdown automatically in case power is out long than the UPS' battery can I?

Thanks all,

Tom Wilson

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I'm not sure that there is any available at the moment

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to UPS software and Windows ...

It's part of the Joy of being a Beta Tester for M$ there ain't no software to make the hardware work right.

However what M$ suggests is to buy new UPS's that have 2008 Support already available.


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Anyone know if the situation improved in the last 6 months?

by Mark Fenwick In reply to I'm not sure that there i ...

Just getting around to this myself and I am surprised to find that the simple ups option, that worked so well in w2k3, doesn?t seem to be there in w2k8.

It seems like we now have a 'Battery Present Targeting' policy preference which "may" detect the ups.

Is this the way to go?

Is this the way to go?

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Here's how you adjust the settings on 2008 batery pwr

by picknelly In reply to Anyone know if the situat ...

Choose power options in control panel (or right click battery icon in system tray and choose "power options.") Click "Choose when to turn off the display" on the right side of the Power Options window. Click "Change advanced power settings" On right hand center of Edit Plan Settings window. A Power Options window will come up that has an "Advanced settings" tab with all the settings needed. Click the "Change settings that are currently unavailable" link at the top to enable the changing of the settings grayed out. Click the + icon next to battery and the settings for what to do and percent levels will be there for you to set.

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