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Upset with hanging questions

By digital_cow ·
I really like techrepublic disscussion group. I primarily promote this to my friend and collegues as the best discussion center.

But I am UPSET with those technical guru (may be that's what they thought of themselves)people who just response to the topic and leave you with questions and not giving any advices. Also the very annoying side of that is they will not make anyfollow ups on their suggestions which leads to misguided information.

This should be the place where i can get information not the place for dissapointments.

I have no intension of pointing negative thoughts here especially to the TECHREPUBLIC. I just want to express that people should bring answer to problems not hanging advices. Let us practice ANSWERS not QUESTIONS.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Upset with hanging questi ...

What is it specifically that has you upset?

Why do you let it bother you?

Do you have any suggestions?

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I see the opposite

by tbragsda In reply to Upset with hanging questi ...

When someone takes time time to respond to a question, and the person asking the question in the first place, NEVER responds.

This is much more likley. The people that take there time to help someone without pay etc. they deserve some response to there suggestions.

Just what I have seen, in these forms, and others.

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What was the question?

by zlitocook In reply to Upset with hanging questi ...

That you did not get the proper reply to? I find this web site to learn and get help with what I need. If you received a wrong or no answer there are alot of people here just getting into the field and may give misguided answers. You need to try things and if you think it's wrong or a answer dont help please post it as a comment under your question so others can help. Dont let a few wrong answers get to you.

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Use the Q&A forum for Questions

by TheChas In reply to Upset with hanging questi ...

If you want feedback and follow-up, use the Technical Q&A section of Support Republic.

If you have need for further explanation, just reject the answer. Most of use that post answers in the Q&A section will get back to you if we have additional information.

I admit, that I do not come back to either discussions or questions on a regular basis.
I do try to get back to peers who post specific questions when they reject my answers.
I have had a few instances where the peer and I bounced back and forth numerous times to correct a problem.

The regular respondants like myself, read 20 to 50 questions a day. It is just a lot of work to follow up unless prompted to.


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