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Urgent BDC Question

By Able-Admin ·
Anybody see any problems with using a BDC as a duel role workstation?

Ie. BDC/Accounting Computer?

also Quickbooks 2000 works on Windows 2000 can I also assume it works on Windows 2000 Server?


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It's a depends type question...

by andrew_raff In reply to Urgent BDC Question

Unless you have a very small network, it's a bad idea to have servers acting as workstations. You never know what a user may get up to on the system, as well as any apps the user is running will degrade the perfomance of the server. As for Quicbooks, it should run on Win2k Server.

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I wouldn't recommend it...

by PitSnake In reply to Urgent BDC Question

I would not recommend allowing anyone to work on a Windows 2000 server at all. The real problem you face is that there is no PDC/BDC role anymore. All servers are equal, which can mean total network destruction if that user makes a mistake. I canforsee too many bad things happening and you don't want it happening on a machine where your entire AD structure can suffer for it.

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by Able-Admin In reply to I wouldn't recommend it.. ...

Can you elaborate on that?

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The answer depends on a few things

by TomSal In reply to No PDC/BDC?

First off - I don't know about the No PDC/BDC thing with Windows 2000 servers, I still run a largely NT 4 network here. Though I too would LOVE to here the explaination of no PDC/BDC - even non-Windows NOSes have some form of "main domain" computer and then backup computers - they may not of course call them PDC or BDC or even use the "DOMAIN" terminology but they have them nonetheless in one form or another.

As far as your original question from an small company, 100 node NT 4.0 network perspective...ideally (ie. the "text book" or "fantasy world" way) the rule is to have your domain controllers to never be used to double as application servers or workstations. In the real world there's this thing called money and how equipment costs money. Which leads to a person called either a CFO or Controller breathing down your neck (IT Manager) about limiting budgets and how to reduce expenses.

Finally, if you have decent servers (ie. good amount of ram, at *LEAST* dual Xeon processors, etc.) you aren't going to suffer that much from using a BDC as say a server for a small accounting package.

We have a BDC that doubles as an ACT! 2000 server, no problems at all.

The real question is how critical the app is you want to put on the BDC and how hard its going to be "hit" - don't put a company critical MUST HAVE OR WE ARE DEAD type of application or something that 1000 people are going to constantly access all the time on a BDC that would be common sense stupidity.

Such apps should be on DEDICATED servers.

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by ntrimmer In reply to No PDC/BDC?

What pit is trying to say is that instead of having a PDC and BDCs, they are all equal. They are all DCs. In w2k there is no primary and backup anymore.

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