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URGENT-Installing Win98SE on top of W2K

By colgate ·
Hi Everyone! Hope u can help...
Have recently installed W2K on Win98 o/s, but have just realised that in order to run one of the programs I desperately need to use, that I need to go back to Win98 as it will only run on this o/s. Can anyone tell me how to reinstall Win98 instead of 2000 NTFS? By the way, small glitch, I need to be able to do this by tomorrow(15th August) and the floppy drive doesn't work so won't be able to use it! Does anyone out there have a fairly easy and fast solution to this, without me loosing any of the programs already installed i.e. no formatting hard disk solutions please.
Thanks loads
Colgate Girl... always bringing a smile to people's faces... just not today :)

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by Joseph Moore In reply to URGENT-Installing Win98SE ...

Did you try setting the Compatibility Mode to Win98 for this app when running it from Win2K?
Win2K has this option. You can set the Compatibility Mode on some programs to run as if they are installed on Win95/98/ME/NT. It can be useful in these situations.

Click Start ->Programs and navigate to the Start Menu shortcut for your program that you need to run. Right-click on the shortcut for it and choose Properties.

Then, look at the list of tabs. Again, this only works on some programs (I don't know what makes the determination in Win2K if Compatibility is an option). Anyway, if you have a Compatibility tab, then click it, click the checkbox, and choose Win98 in the dropdown. Click OK to save your changes.

Then click Start -> Programs and naviate to the shortcut again and left-click it like normal.

This will launch it in the Compatibility Mode you just set.

Maybe that will work!

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by Joseph Moore In reply to URGENT-Installing Win98SE ...

Now, if it does not work (you might need SP3 for Win2K for Compatibility Mode to be an option; again I am not sure) and if you formatted the drive as NTFS, then you CANNOT install Win98 on that partition.
Win98 will NOT work on an NTFS-formatted partition. You would need something like Partition Magic to change the partition from NTFS to FAT32. The Windows CONVERT cannot do this.

Good luck

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by TheChas In reply to URGENT-Installing Win98SE ...

If the drive is set up as a NTFS volume, your only hope to go back to W98, and save data files is to use Partition Magic to change the drive back to a FAT32 volume.

Sorry, since the W2K and W98 registries are not compatible, you WILL need to re-install ALL application software.

There may be an option, IF you installed W2K from within W98 as an upgrade AND choose to save the old version.
Once the drive is converted back to a FAT32 volume, you may be able to un-install W2K and go back to W98.
Possible work-arounds:

Does the BIOS allow you to select the boot drive?
If so, you can install a second HDD with W98 on it, and boot to the W98 drive when you need to use the application.

For that matter, if you install a utility such as System Commander, you can add another hard drive and set up the system as a multi-boot.

Install a second hard drive as master, install W98, and use the NTFS reader software from to retrieve the data files off of the W2K drive.

Since you do not have a floppy, the easiest way to install W98 is to set up a hard drive as a bootable drive, and copy the W98 CD to it.
I create a folder labeled Win98 and copy the entire CD to it.
I use a hot-swap bay in my system for setting up hard drives for new systems.
This makes it easy to copy drivers and patches to the new drive.

With the bootable hard drive installed in the target system, boot up and browse to the folder where you copied the Windows CD.
Run setup, and away you go.

Another possible work-around to install W98 on a PC with no floppy drive.
Boot up from a W2K or Me CD.
Exit setup.
Insert the W98 CD.
Browse to the CD drive and run setup.


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by voldar In reply to URGENT-Installing Win98SE ...

All answers are very good and hope you will choose one of them to solve your problem. There is an other option - money involved in - by installing a virtual machine program on your computer, and install a clean W98 system. Using this option you'll keep your programs already installed and you also can run the program you need. But take good care - if you want to install W98 as virtual machine you need the floppy disk!

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by colgate In reply to URGENT-Installing Win98SE ...

Thanks for all your help. Unfortunately, I don't have System Commander nor Partition Magic and at the moment they would both be on the expensive side... unless anyone knows of free versions that I could use?
The idea of dual booting had come to mind, but I've no idea how to do that. Would I need to make both hard drives masters? The PC is a Pentium III 700MHz and I know it allows you to choose which hard drive to boot first but don't see anything which tells me about dual booting. Any further help on this? Also, this is my brother's & sisters PC and they're none too PC literate so I need to try and make things as easy as possible when booting. Thanks loads for your help. Cool ideas, especially the Win98 conversion, unfortunately not for this particular program. :)

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