urgent... invalid system disk !

By computerilliterate ·
hi. i'm having a problem with my laptop. whenever i turn it on it says:

invalid system disk
replace the disk, and then press any key

the laptop has two users and is running on windows xp pro. i really need to solve this... i think the only solution right now is to format... but if you guys have a way to access my files... not only does my computer contain my thesis and projects, it also contains my aunt's office files and documents.
is there any way that i can still access the files so that i could back them up?

thanks, more power, and keep up the good work. ^_^

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Go to a computer store.

by bart777 In reply to urgent... invalid system ...

There you should find an adapter that will allow you to take that drive out and attach it in another computers USB ports.

With that you will hopefully be able to recover the data. If this doesn't work the only choice will be a recovery company and those are not cheap.

Give it a whirl.

God luck

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i'll give it a shot... thanks

by computerilliterate In reply to Go to a computer store.

thanks... i've thought about that... i just hoped someone might know a way that i could do just by myself... anyway thanks for the suggestion. i guess i have no more options except go to a computer store and hope it works.


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Several things...

by M.A.S. Matrix In reply to urgent... invalid system ...

There are several things that you can do to fix this or make a work around. Sounds like your MBR is corrupted or not there. Try putting in your XP PRO CD, make sure that your CMOS is set to boot from CD ROM first in the boot order. Once you boot from XP CD, select repair using counsole. Select your OS then at the prompt type fixmbr and follow the prompts. See if that helps. If not you can then go through the same process above to get to recovery counsole at the prompt type fixboot and then enter and reboot when finshed. If this doesn't work then head back to the recovery counsole and at the prompt this time type bootcfg /rebuild, what this will do is delete your old boot.ini file and put in a fresh new one. If this doesn't work try removing your hard drive and putting it back in, may be lose or not connected all the way. Next thing if that doesn't work would be to do what the member above suggested.

You can purchase external USB cases for laptop drives for a low cost then plug that drive in to a working computer and gain access to your files that way.

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by computerilliterate In reply to Several things...

my laptop didn't com with a WinXP Pro cd... it has this product recovery program on the startup menu which formats and reinstalls the OS just like when it was newly purchased. but the thing is, it goes straight to formatting.

anyway, i already tried that. i borrowed an XP pro cd from a friend and tried to boot from cd. it did not detect the currently installed OS, so i did not get the repair option.

any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this link . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to but...

Download and burn this .iso to CD.

The 'Ultimate Boot CD' has among its many other attributes, an option to invoke its own onboard Repair Console.

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Did you check the obvious?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to urgent... invalid system ...

Make sure there is no floppy disk or CD in either drive. Check that there's no USB thumb drive plugged in too. Often that error message is returned because the system is trying to boot from something that isn't bootable. Most times, it's a floppy left in the floppy drive.

If that's not the problem, then you've lost the master boot record of the hard drive.

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Great minds think alike ! . . .<N/T>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Did you check the obvious ...
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by computerilliterate In reply to Did you check the obvious ...

there's no floppy, cd, or any other removable devices. if i have lost the master boot record of my drive, is there any way to fix this? or maybe recover it?


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Use your friend's

by IC-IT In reply to nope...

XP CD to boot to the Recovery Console (first R for Repair). Try these commands after it loads.
Chkdsk /R
Bootcfg /scan
Bootcfg /rebuild
Editted to add;
Either use the UBCD (Mycroft mentioned) or download the ISO for MHDD. Boot to it and run MHDD. Once it loads select the drive, Press F4, use the arrow keys to scroll down to Loop and repair. Use the Space key to turn each to Yes. Allow this to run overnite.

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didn't get a repair option

by computerilliterate In reply to Use your friend's

i didn't get a repair option. if i proceed installing the OS, or deleted the partition, it will just replace my already installed OS and i will lose my files.

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