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urgent, please!!!!!

By jps_dan ·
A little problem... One of my users decided to reinstall his XP. But, unfortunatelly he forgot to save one folder that contained important information. He started the computer with bottable XP cd and he didn't delete the partition but he formated the partition with NTFS... and of course... before it was FAT...
As far as I know, it's impossible to recover the lost data...
But... if anyone can help with an ideea...

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Restore from tape

by sstark In reply to urgent, please!!!!!

Best news I can offer, albeit bad news.

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I second do have tape backups right?

by TomSal In reply to Restore from tape

Sorry, unless you want to pay through every orafice in your anatomy to a data recovery firm to retrieve the data your only option is restore from your tape backups. Now you do a regular schedule running of tape backups right?

Oh and I hope someone gets the message across that users shouldn't be just re-installing Operating Systems when they feel like it. I know every company has their own policies...but here it would be a pretty severe thing if a user did such a job on their own.

Another thought on that..why was he/she able to have access (the rights) to install an OS -- you guys don't have a security policy on such things?

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Admin. rights

by DC_GUY In reply to I second do ha ...

We don't even have administrative rights to our workstations. I'm surprised your people do.

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Don't need admin rights to install from CD

by stress junkie In reply to I second do ha ...

The question poster says that the end user installed from a bootable CD. The only way to have stopped him from installing would be to have a BIOS password and to have HD0 as the first boot device. Otherwise, anyone with an installation CD can boot from CD and install an operating system.

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Do you have a file server?

by stress junkie In reply to urgent, please!!!!!

I know that a lot of people keep business files on their local workstation disks. This should be forbidden. The company should have a network file server where all company files are stored. Then you can back that up every night.

I know that this doesn't answer your question. The first poster gave the bad news there. The issue now is to avoid having this happen again. So, first you have to have a network file server, then you back up the file server every night, then you have to get everyone to use the file server.

And you can approach your management about making a rule that end users don't mess with the computers in work.

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