URGENT - Removable HDD do not show either explorer or Disk Management

By N Chou ·
Hi, I'm new in this forum, I have been trying to search over the internet for the possible solution to fix the subject problem, here is the sympton.

One day while I'm using my BenQ laptop (I have 2 OS Vista Ultimate version & Windows 7) working (w/o battery connected) with my removable HDD (connected thru the USB port) all in a suddent there was a power outage (of course my laptop was off), so I unplug both power adapter and USB device, after the power resumed, I started up my laptop in safe mode, everything looks fine, then restarted the laptop and boot up normally, also everything looks fine too. But, when I plugged in the removable HDD into the USB ports (I tried all USB ports & changed different removeable HDD cases as well as using different PCs), the system only can reconized the USB Mass Storage device, but no matter I check from explorer or check from Disk Management, I still cannot see this removable HDD, even worst when I tried to use either explorer or Disk Management to find this removable HDD, it will freezed the application for very long time and nothing response???

Since I have important data(s) inside this removable HDD, please anyone can help me to know how I can read it and retrieve as much data(s) as possible from this removable HDD??

This is URGENT, please help! Thanks very much!

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As the Data is Important

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to URGENT - Removable HDD do ...

Pack up the drive and send it to a Data Recovery Company who can work with Dead Drives.

By your description the drive has died and gone to Silicon Heaven. The only real way to proceed from here is to pay a Professional to recover the Data off the drive. If you attempt to do anything here you run the risk of making it extremely difficult to Recover and Data and much more expensive with very little chance of getting a 100% Recovery.

My personal preference for places like this is Krol Ontrack who have always performed excellently for me in the past.


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by N Chou In reply to As the Data is Important

Thanks OH Smeg, by the way, for my personal interest, how did the Data Recovery Company work with the dead drives?? what kinds of applications they used to recover the dead drives?

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Special and expensive hardware.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks!

And forensic software. The biggest hurdle is to get the platters, at the very least, into a readable state. Sometimes one could just replace the drive electronics, if that were the problem, given the skill and parts. Sometimes, they need to mount your platters in a special rig and try to read them. If the data itself was erased or damaged, further special hardware and software are required.

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And then there is the Forensic Methods

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Special and expensive har ...

They can coat the Platters with a Green Goop that will make each layer of Data visible to the right Software.

All extremely expensive not to mention that this stuff has to be in a Class 1 Clean Room to prevent any contamination.


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by In reply to URGENT - Removable HDD do ...

is the Removable drive shows in My Computer.if yes whats the error when opening the drive?

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