URGENT \\server name is not working from server clients please help

By Venkatramaiah.sudarsan ·
I have removed a virus (trojan Horse) from my server recently.. Based on the recommendations of the symantec site, i have removed certain entries from the registry.. I do not have backup of the registry.. Do not know how to take..

Now i managed to trace the exe file which was causing the problem and freed my server from the virus..

But now when i try to access the server from the clients using \\servername, i am getting an error message network path not found..

Similarly i am unable to reach any client from the server using start->run->\\clientname

kindly help with a solution .. Already a day's work is affected for me..

I am able to ping the server from any client
similarly the server is able to ping any client

from the command prompt of a client when i type ping <<server name>> it works.

but from the server i am not able to use the same command ping <<client name>> not works..

Kindly help me.. Already am suffering for 2 days and all my bossess fuming at me.. A day's work is affected already


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Server name

by Sue T In reply to URGENT \\server name is n ...

sounds like it could be a DNS problem Have you checked to make sure everything is still correct?

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am not sure how to check

by Venkatramaiah.sudarsan In reply to Server name

do not know how to check it.. Can anybody help pls..otherwise can i remove and recreate DNS?


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Prolly not DNS

by Dumphrey In reply to am not sure how to check

If you are able to ping a computer by its name and not by its ip, exaple "ping server1", then DNS is working fine. I would guess its more likely dmg to the netbios information. Open a command window and type "nbtstat /?" without the quotes of course. This will let you see if there is a problem. Clear the cache with nbtstat -R. attempt to reach a client with \\clientname\share. I would also attempt to reload the cache on the clients as well. Not sure if thats the answer, but it should point you toward more info.

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