urgent - window server 2003

By sezua2000 ·

i have exchange server 2003!!
it show strange situation
the free memory it had,
has been decreasing after minute until it reads very few bytes.
I have clean up the machine, i manage to get few GBs, but the problem keep on existing!
now the GBs has been decreasing again!!
ts the continuous process!!

plaese assist on it!!

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Monitoring Software Running?

by Bizzo In reply to urgent - window server 20 ...

You may have some monitoring software running which is creating log files.

Search for newly amended log files, this may give you the files that are taking up the space. And run process explorer or what's running to determine if you have any monitoring software running.

Process Explorer:

What's Running:

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How much memory has your server?.

If possible put more memory in your server.
If your server is 64 bit then you can max out the memory depending on your motherboard.
If your server is only 32 bit then you can only have around 3gb max. But this again depends on your operating system.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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re: How much memory has your server?

by sezua2000 In reply to How much memory has your ...

let me give the description of the machine;
160Gb HDD
3.25 Gb RAM
intel (R) Processor
2.0 GHz

windows 2003 server
sp 2

the memory of HDD is the problem.
there was about 15Gb free memory.
but suddenly yesterday evening i found out none of my user was able to send and receive emails.

after analysis, i found out that the 160Gb was full used while in the morning I had 15Gb free. then i did clean up and manage to recover some from the 15 Gb lost.

While I was monitoring the HDD, i found that after every minute the free space is utilized at an average of 50Mb to 100Mbs and after few hours I was reading less than 500Mb
that is how the problem is!!!

Am doubting, there is something do reproduce by its self!!

please advise!!!

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