URGENT: WSUS on DC or Storage server or SBS 2000

By mrpunjab ·
We have a Windows 2003 network. I have 3 servers: Domain Controller (DHCP,DNS,Exchange, Remote VPN server,Application server), Storage Server (File server, Print server) and SBS 2000 which we primarily run as SQL Server. I would like to implement WSUS.

Which server is the better choice and why?

Are there any known issues with using WSUS on a DC? I read somewhere that you should not run DHCP and WSUS on the same server (some security issues). I am leaning towards the Storage server but then I have to install IIS on the server which already exists in DC.

Can someone help (URGENT)

Thanks in advance


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Where to install WSUS

by kbrugnani In reply to URGENT: WSUS on DC or Sto ...

I would do it on the file server since it will have the most storage space and WSUS will use up some disk space. I currently have my setup on an FTP server that is outside of the primary/secondary DC and no issues other than disk space at times. As far as installing on a DC, I am sure it would be fine other than the possibility of creating a security hole.

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I agree with kbrug

by Churdoo In reply to URGENT: WSUS on DC or Sto ...

I think I tend to agree with kbrug. Is the File Server a full server or a NAS appliance with the baby 2K3 Storage O/S?

First, I'm fairly certain that you can't install WSUS 2K3 on the 2K server, so that eliminates that box.

Second, your DC is also running Exchange and several other roles, so depending on the size of your organization, that may already be a busy server.

Of course your file server may be busy too, but especially if it's a full server rather than a baby nas, would definitely put WSUS there rather than giving your DC yet another role.

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Thanks Heaps

by mrpunjab In reply to I agree with kbrug

Thanks heaps to all who helped...

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