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    Urgnet plz


    by aamirjavied ·

    I have site of artical , i give option site that user uplaod artical file like browse style simply browse fiel and uplaod ..i want that user simply give dir path and application upload all file auto witch he find in this it possibal in…if yes then plz how?

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      by thirumalai_c_b ·

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      you can use microsoft scripting runtime library and map the folder. then use for each command to read files one by one and upload the same.

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      by amoljpatil ·

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      – Use the HTML, File Field control.
      – Suppose ur File Field contorl name is : htxtFileField.
      – htxtFileField.PostedFile.FileName will give you the path & name of uploaded file.
      – htxtFileField.PostedFile.SaveAs(““) method will save the file in the specified path.
      – You can config this path into web.config also.



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