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US Support on Japanese military expansion

By chdchan ·
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The US govt's support on Japanese military expansion is a bit contradicting with its apparent restraining attitude on the Dao Yu Island confrontation. As an eventual means, the resolution may have to be hinged on unilateral/bilateral benefit exchange; otherwise, future dialogue gatherings will just spark off further disputes which can undermine any proposals to emerge.

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Chinese boycott on Japanese goods and services

by chdchan In reply to US Support on Japanese mi ...

Chinese boycott on Japanese items and services e.g. airlines will only add to the already doomed Japanese economy.

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A weird manufacturing shift there too

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to US Support on Japanese mi ...

As far as electrical component manufacturing, Taiwan, China and Japan have been the big three. Even US manufacturer's who brand PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA buy their components from these countries.

For as long as I can remember, Taiwan was the el cheapo components, China sdat in the Middle and Japan made the high end, expensive products.

Over that last 6-8 months, there has been a shift where Chinese plants now charge more than Japanese plants, though still substandard quality. Perhaps it is because many of the larger plants have closed to distribution centres to seek 'other business ventures'. Are they now being used for government/military manufacturing needs?

As it was, they were always unstable, for example a wiring harness for a US made Cat Scanner. They quote a price, then they will stop operations halfway through manufacturing due to government project. When they go to restart, they raise their prices and screw over the manufacturer they are supplying. It's been very shifty at best there for some time, clearly there's some relation there somewhere too.

Problem is, unless I travel there, which I haven't needed to do in many years now, you don't know the real story. Even when you do, they will go as far as to set up temporary people that appear to be manufacturing products and will shut it down as soon as you leave. Very secretive and underhanded, not the type of business I like to conduct except by necessity.

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