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US Tech Czar is not an Engineer

By bwrynn ·
It seems that Robert Cresanti, undersecretary of commerce for technology, does not have a degree in engineering, science or IT. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Austin College and his J.D. [Law] degree from Baylor University. If he feels that more tech degrees are good for the US why doesnt he get one?

At he says "Having returned from a recent trip to China, Cresanti ... "Virtually every senior government official I met was an engineer," he said. "Math and science are ingrained. We're a country of laws and men. They're a country of engineers."

To set an example for the country, I suggest he resign and recommend an engineer as his replacement. Any comments?

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A quote of his

by jkameleon In reply to US Tech Czar is not an En ...

"The IT work force is not skilled enough and almost never can be skilled enough. There are not enough engineers with the appropriate skill sets.",1697,2061693,00.asp

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And which wonderland are you living in, expecting a politician

by Deadly Ernest In reply to US Tech Czar is not an En ...

to do the right thing, huh.

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I am glad he isn't

by bigbigboss In reply to US Tech Czar is not an En ...

Just step back and think about what a tech czar do for a living. Does he design buildings ? Does he design cars ? Does he figure out all the genes in our body ? Is he writing the replacement for Window ? NO..

He figures out what is the most appropriate technology policy, for himself and the nation, to be implemented in the nation. What kind of science or engineering is that ? Political Science !! But pure political scientists are too interested in analyzing what politicians are proposing or doing, or not doing to have original ideas of their own.

Now, why do you want a scientist to make policies, and round up resources to implement those polices ? Which scientist you have met actually enjoys doing that kind of things, and can do it effectively ?

The idea is to find the people with the right skills to do the job. Scientists and Engineers are not qualified to be a tech czar. You should analyze the policies coming out from China to figure out why that is a baaaaad idea.

Just for example, the drugs cost too much for out patients in a Chinese hospital. The solution: Limit all prescriptions to 100 yuan for each patient, regardless of what ails them. That is the engineers approach to policy, and I am glad I am not a patient in that hospital.

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absurd - I want two way fair trade and put LOU DOBBs (CNN) in as trade czar

by coffee junky In reply to I am glad he isn't

my former firm outsourced engineering & programming jobs to the china, and india. I maybe initially good for big business. Then hear this prsidents leadership talk about our engineering (& programmer)shortage,(Why would I want my son(daughter)to into engineering.
This presidents' response is to go back to a community college to pick up new skills ? not on jobs that once paid 6 figures - time to get a new guy.

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To Repeat my point ...

by bwrynn In reply to I am glad he isn't

While there is some truth in all these replies, my main point was that Tech Czar Cresanti is an example of the thing he complained about!

It is also a little odd that bigboss thinks that knowing auto design, or how buildings are built disqualifies someone from making public policy about those things. Anyhow thanks for your thoughts.

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