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      The grass is always greener

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to USA: Not #1?????

      I’m a long time reader of The Register ( or That is a UK based computer news web site. If you think that the UK has enviable Internet connectivity you should read the many horror stories about people trying to get their Internet connection to work.

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      I dont know about you

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to USA: Not #1?????

      but my Internet connection is great. I have comcast (expensive), and all I can say about cost is, bundles with other options I pay $120/mo. (expensive). Last year this time I paid $99/mo, the year before $85/mo. for the service.
      The price is always going up quickly but the speed is great. And I share the cost with 2 other people so its not as bad.

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        don’t do dial-up.

        by fungus-among-us ·

        In reply to I dont know about you

        I saw a commercial back in 1998 (local station) by Time Warner, introducing “High-Speed” internet to our area. I saw this commercial at 2 a.m., never saw it again. It took Time Warner almost 2 years to bring “Road Runner” to our area (they wanted an “exclusivity” contract with the city before they upgraded their equipment/infrastructure). So in February of 2000, I was the second person in this service area to get hooked up to Road Runner. (By the way, the 3 techs that came out to hook me up to Road Runner didn’t know an IP from a litterbox full of cat poop)
        Currently Road Runner and Standard Cable service runs me about $90 a month. One county over to our south (less than 5 miles), my co-worker’s parents have the same exact services (road runner and standard cable) and only pay Time Warner $49 a month… the reason??? There is an alternate cable provider in that county that also offers cable based internet.

        I love my internet connection… I’m getting between 7-9 Mbps, with no download cap… I’d just love it MORE if…

        1. it was cheaper or
        2. offered higher speeds

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      Times change

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to USA: Not #1?????

      I remember reading at one point that High speed had a bigger percentage of the pie in Canada than the US, but now I’m not suprised to see thats changed. Has nothing to do with technical superiority, and probably everything to do with the fact that Canadians are more likely to live in cities and therefore more likely to have the options of cable and or DSL.

      My original “cheap” DSL was $36.95 (CDN$)a month and 1.5 Mbps. Its now been doubled for the same price. And the big players have speed tiered services – both cable and dsl providers have “lite” services at just over $20 a month.


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