USB 1gb seen as 1.44mb

By mindsye ·
My USB thumbdrive is only recognised as a 1.44mB floppy on my work machine. At home that PC can still see the whole 1gB. Is this a driver or something esle?

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No, that's not a driver. I'd say that's something else.

by Absolutely In reply to USB 1gb seen as 1.44mb

A hitchhiker, maybe, but it looks more like
the size of a floppy disk. Have you looked
at the Control Panel? Have you tried
the "Safely Remove USB Device" icon in the
Notification Area? What about the BIOS? It
might be fun to see what happens to your
USB device in Windows if you shut off
support for floppy drives in the BIOS.

Do you use your floppy drive at all for
anything besides confusing your USB bus?


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security partition

by brasilonline In reply to USB 1gb seen as 1.44mb

you might notice in the manual of your usb stick, that there are actually 2 partitions on the stick, being a small one showing as a floppy drive, containing a password protection software, giving you full access to the second partition; since at purchase the stick comes without initial password, my guess is you received this one or found? and do not have the password? anyway, simply access the software on the first partition to set or enter a password, alternatively you can access the entire drive from linux (through fdisk or gparted) and format the whole lot. regards

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