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USB 2.0 a Goner????

By The Young One ·
USB 2.0 devices have hit the wall big time.

Somewhere along the line recently, Microsoft has released a bugfix (more likely a bug) that stops any USB 2.0 devices (or USB 1.1 devices on a USB 2.0 controller) from working correctly.

Try it for yourself, update your operating system to the latest patches and all Microsoft Update updates on offer, reboot then plug in your reliable device such as your thumb drive and your external USB Hard drive.

The statistics shown below are my experiences, the technical people I work with and the clients that I support. Each instance is on XP Service Pack 2 with the latest patches installed.

"USB Device not recognised" (15 reported instances from individual clients)
"Unknown Device" (15 reported instances from individual clients)
"USB Device has exceeded the power usage" (8 reported instances from individual clients)
"Delayed write failed (only 1 reported instance of this error)

Now my question's are......Is there a problem? Is there an answer? If this is patch related (which my tech intuition is screaming to me) then how the **** did it pass the Windows High Quality Labs? How did it get released to the public.

I am fuming about this as there is NO FIX available on the internet.

It is not a hardware vendor problem as it has always worked fine until about 3 - 4 weeks ago. It is not platform specific and the only common thread is XP SP2 and latest updates.

An article in the MS Knowledge Base suggests "buy a powered USB hub"

Why would a perfectly good device suddenly need power when it has been working correctly day in day out?

So the question I pose to Bill & Friends is... Is USB 2.0 a goner???

If it is a Microsoft problem then they need to come clean...

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Who cares what Microsoft does to USB?

by nighthawk808 In reply to USB 2.0 a Goner????

USB 2.0 works fine in Linux. Just because M$ screwed the pooch doesn't mean the end of the world. There are real operating systems out there that don't have problems like this. I know; I'm typing this message on a SuSE box.

Windows's High Quality Lab is like Dr. Mengele's Painless Dentistry Lab.

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Purists Not Necessary

by The Young One In reply to Who cares what Microsoft ...

Why would it matter, this is not a debate about Linux / Windows / Mac.

The problem is simple, Windows is coming up with a bug...I have to support the OS, if you want to use Linux or any flavour of it then go ahead, I am not going to waste my time with a long winded debate that will not change the fact that a huge proportion of the world is using Windows and if they experience the issue it needs to be fixed.

Back in your box newbie

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Sorry to rain on your parade.

by nighthawk808 In reply to Purists Not Necessary

The very title of your discussion implies that if Microsoft screws something up then that thing is dead. Windows isn't the only operating system in the world, but your post acts like it is. If that's being a purist, then call me "yellow snow".

I wouldn't call someone with 146 posts a newbie. You'll just look stupid that way.

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by The Young One In reply to Sorry to rain on your par ...

Look, whatever.

The point of it was to catch attention, not to start a purist debate.

If you had a problem and wanted to get anyone experiencing USB problems what would you put up?

I have better things to do than sit and read flames when all I want is a bloody solution.

A spade is a spade and you are wasting peoples time. Get off the forums, get a life and don't be a ****. If you really knew what you were doing you would probably be out there doing the job instead of playing silly buggers on forums all day.

Thread ended.

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Be careful making assumptions.

by nighthawk808 In reply to

Well, not having had the same problem on my Windows XP box, I can just say that Google is your friend. That, and some technical compentence.

If you bothered to click my username, you'd find that I do do this for a living. But, since you haven't figured out that blue means clickable, I'll sum it up for you: I work a help desk that supports over 650 Windows boxes and 70 Windows servers. So, yeah, I am out there "doing the job".

Check your facts before making stupid posts. People like you are the reason my organization doesn't hire consultants.

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Good 'Un

by warhog73 In reply to

You're a good 'un, Young One, a stand up fellow. Well said, old bean; don't let the 'em beat you down. After all, it was your post and like a famous egg once said," It means just what I choose it to mean, neither more, nor less". A PS- I just had a USB2 problem with an Iomega external drive; took a while to get XP to recognize it again after removing it, and now it's as a generic, although Iomega claims that's OK. I'm wondering about the "safely remove hardware" item. Might be a good place to start looking.

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by richval43 In reply to Good 'Un

I too had a similar problem with an Iomega Hard drive. System now recognizes it. Have no idea what I did or didn't do.

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NOT a Good way

by Aaron A Baker In reply to

This is not a good way to influence people into helping you out.
Here at Tech Republic you'll find some of the smartest and most up to date people in the business.
I know of which I speak. The beauty is that we all come here to help and lend our individual expertise to solving all kinds of problems, just like your's.
So I would be very careful about denigrating or "Putting down" a Member here.
I understand your frustration, you have a problem, fine it can be fixed but not with that attitude.
Don't attack one of our best. Better yet, don't attack at all.
I Strongly suggest a re-evaluation on how you pose your questions and above all, refrain from attacks as they are remembered long after the event and so it the author. He/she is then ignored.
Speak as though you were speaking to friends.
You'll be treated in kind and your problem will be solved.
Aaron :)

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by nighthawk808 In reply to NOT a Good way

That may be one of the best posts TechRepubic has ever seen. That should be required reading when signing up here. I know I could stand to reread something like that every once in a while.

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Nighthawk.....Thank You

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Wow.

Thank you for the kind words of approval.

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