USB 2.0 Not Working HP Pavillion dv1000

By maheshexp ·
Hi, I have a HP Pavillion dv1000.
I bought a Hitachi 80GB USB Harddrive.
I tried to plugin, but my laptop doesn't recogonize the plugged Hardware.

But the same is working well with a desktop pc with WinXP with SP2

I have WinXP Home Edition with SP2. What might be the problem?

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to USB 2.0 Not Working HP Pa ...

reinstall the chipset drivers and then the usb 2 patch

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USB Patch?

by maheshexp In reply to driver

Thanks for the Reply.
I don't have the USB Patch seperately. DO I need to download ?

Since WinXP Home Ed, with SP2, I thought the USB 2.0 would be packed along with it. Isn't it?


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hp website

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to USB Patch?

go to the hp website and download the latest drivers for your motherboard as the windows drivers are probably not working properly as i found with my compaq,which are the same as hp

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Reinstalled drivers. Still not working :-(

by maheshexp In reply to driver

I've tried reinstalling the drivers came with the laptop.
But still the laptop cannot recogonize the driver.
How to determine wheather the laptop has USB 2.0 drivers in use?

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First thing to do is make sure that the USB Port is actually working

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB 2.0 Not Working HP Pa ...

After that you can then start to look around in the Device Manager and see what's installed in the way of USB Hubs and so forth.

I'll put a caveat on my post here I've never touched a computer loaded with Home I only work with the Pro version of XP though in this case there shouldn't be any difference.

If the USB Ports works I agree with the previous posted reinstall the driver but if it doesn't work I would suggest that you open the case and make sure that it's actually connected. I've seen a couple of cases where after a repair by HP the front USB ports where no longer connected and didn't work, I don't know if that applies here but it's worth a look see before you waste too much Time & Effort over.

Try another USB Port and preferably one that you know is working and see if the drive now works. I've seen a few examples of the USB Ports being treated a bit more than roughly and being broken in the process. If you only have one working port it's worth buying a powered Hub and connecting via the Hub to the good Port.

It's also worth looking into to see if the USB Ports are enabled in BIOS before you go any further I've seen several cases where after a repair the computer has been returned with Disabled USB Ports. If that is the case there should be No USB Ports shown in Device Manager and it's then an easy fix though you'll most likely need the recovery CD to install the correct drivers for the hardware.

If you simply can not get any USB port working or every one has been broken you can fit a PCI to USB Card and work from that, they are cheap easy to fit, don't take much to install and are a lot cheaper than a replacement M'Board.

Lets know how you get on.


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Checked all USB Ports

by maheshexp In reply to First thing to do is make ...

I've tried attaching Transcenends JetFlash 512MB Pendrive. It worked fine in all the ports.
But this Hitachi 80GB USB HDD is not been detected.

I've tested it with all the USB Ports and everything is working fine. Also, It's a brand new laptop.

Also in BIOS, I don't see any toggle button for USB seperately. Does that mean I need to update my BIOS drivers? If yes, where can I get the BIOS drivers?


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OK the problem here is a lack of available power

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Checked all USB Ports

The USB lead is supposed to have a Y connector at the NB end and these need to go into different USB Sockets. NB's by their very nature don't have high power reserves and the USB ports are no exception in this case. If you don't have 2 USB ports close enough together to plug in both connectors buy a Powered USB Hub and the drive should work off that.

If you have a PCMCIA USB Card don't use it unless you have the optional power supply as this is how HDD's and enclosures get destroyed.

NB's never have enough power at the best of times and the USB Ports are underpowered dramatically to allow the battery to live longer while away from the mains.

With the newer NB's they have reduced the amount of available power at the USB Ports even more so you need to be very careful with any external HDD without it's own power adaptor. I recently saw a case where 5 HDD's where destroyed in a few days because of this problem. As the old NB never needed the Power Adaptor he didn't use it with the new one and it only allowed just enough power to allow the drive to be recognised but not enough to run it reliably so he managed to destroy several backup drives before I got there to find out what was happening. Even with the power adaptor the available power was marginal but it ran off the PS2 port so I organised one that plugged into the mains and he's never had a problem since. But it was a very expensive way to find out that his new NB didn't work like his old one. Thankfully I only had to send one drive away for Data Recovery and then replace all of the ones that he managed to kill and he destroyed not only the drives but the caddies as well so it is a major problem that you need to be very careful of.


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Great Help

by maheshexp In reply to OK the problem here is a ...

Hi Buddy, That's really a great helpful tip. I've connected both the connectors to the laptop port and it's now detected.

Thanks a ton for your great help!!! :-)

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