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USB 2.0 removable hard drive

By jmcnally ·
I have been using a removable hdd with a clone PIII that supports USB 1.1.
The HDD has been working just fine until I installed activesync in the PC and started synchronizing my phone. Now, the PC does sees the USD device (when I connect the HDD) but does not recognize it as a drive and it does not show in the explorer as it use to do.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the usb devices in the device manager and reboot the pc and still does not work. When I connect the hard disk the pc sees it as Unknown USB device.

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by willcomp In reply to USB 2.0 removable hard dr ...

If you have a driver for external HDD, reinstall the driver. Appears to be a driver issue.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB 2.0 removable hard dr ...

As Dalton said you have a Driver Issue and since you have already said that you have removed and reinstalled the driver there are a couple of options left.

The first one is to remove the driver shut down the computer and restart it then plug in the USB device and load the driver. You may be required to restart the system again after the driver install to get it working properly.

If that doesn't work forget about the USB drive temporally and log onto the makers Web Site or the Caddies Makers Web Site and see if there are any new drivers for the device and download them and then do the above again with the new drivers.

If none of that works you will then have to decide what you can do without as you have a software conflict between the Activesync and the drivers for the USB device. At this stage it might be worthwhile trying other USB devices in the computer to see if it really is a driver issue or that Active sync has disabled the USB ports partly.

You should also go into System Management and see if you have any Yellow circles by the USB hubs or individual connections as you may need to install some new USB drivers for the M'Board which will be available from the M'Board makers web site.

Lets know if none of that helps.


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by omairziaee In reply to USB 2.0 removable hard dr ...

u have not formatted the HDD ,,thts why you are not able to view it in my computer ,, right click my computer go to manage then under storage go to disk management over there you will see your USB HDD then format it after tht you will be able to use it ,, I have 80 gb usb hdd and did the same in the first ,, plz do notify me if this solves your problem ...

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by TonytheTiger In reply to USB 2.0 removable hard dr ...

It sounds to mee like you simply lost the drive letter (I have had the same thing happen with memory card drives). With the drive hooked up, go into administrative tools/Disk Management and see if it's there.

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