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USB 2.0 support for XP

By daimon ·

Although I know this is a relatively easy fix. I have two NEW XP machines, however the manufacturers CD and my XP version doesn't have the support for USB2.0 although I know they are compat.

I've spent a few hours looking through the Microsoft website for the fix for it. However, the only thing I can find is that they recommend to download SP1a.

Unfortunately, in the country I'm currently located in, the 120 meg (full download) would take around 4 days of connectivity (without the disconnects which happen randomly) to get it.

Even the "express version" which is supposed to take maximum of 90 minutes by 28.8 modem was attempted and took over 4 hours and still didn't complete.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone knows the EXACT patch to apply, preferrably the patch name (Qxxxxx) and exact location of it?? Things are too slow to go trying to find it... I've got one CD which came with my laptop and has about 60 hotfixes, but no install for them, only the .zip files, besides, I don't know which one to install.

Looking forward to fixing this, it's incredibly annoying when the computer keeps telling me that a USB2.0 device is plugged into a NON compat port and will operate at USB1.0 speed...


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by saihib In reply to USB 2.0 support for XP

Are you telling us that the USB ports on your machines are USB 2.0? If they are not, then the error message you are getting is normal. Post a comment with your hardware specs.

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by saihib In reply to

q315754 - Check out this hotfix.
Also, look at Knowledge Base article 822603.

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by daimon In reply to

Specs of the Notebook:

CPU : Mobile Athlon XP-M 2400+
(???????????? Pentium4 2.4 GHz)
Harddisk : 40 GB Harddisk
COMBO -Drive : (16x10x8x24x)
Disk drive : 1.44 MB Floppy Disk
Monitor : 14.1" XGA TFT LCD 1,024x768
Modem : 56Kbps/FaxModem & 10/100 Mbps LAN
USB : IEEE1394(Firewire),TV-Out,USB v2.0
Port : PCMCIA,Printer port
Batterey : 4,000 mAh LI-ion Smart battery

So from these specs which I cut & pasted from the manufacturers website you can see it's USB2.0
When it came to me it was installed with XP Pro complete with all the hotfixes.

Then something happened and the OS screwed itself and instead of attempting to fix the OS I formatted and reinstalled with a fresh, clean, custom install. However, I don't know what hotfix to install to fix *only* the USB problem. This laptop is 1 month old (maybe 2), but I don't have time to go back to Thailand to go back to the company I bought it from.

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by TheChas In reply to USB 2.0 support for XP

If you are sure that you need SP1, you can order the CD.

In the US, it costs $10.

I am surprised that a new PC would not already have SP1 on it.


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by daimon In reply to

Sorry, I'm not in the US. Unfortunately MS will not send those CD's overseas. If I was in the US I could just download it with a decent speed net connection... Unfortunately I don't have that here

It came installed with XP Pro and the hotfixes, but I don't know which is the particular hotfix to get the USB problem to stop. Therefore, short of downloading all of SP1a which is too big (on a shitty net connection), I need to find the exact hotfix and where to get it (if I don't have on the CD's I have here).

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by TheChas In reply to USB 2.0 support for XP

Okay, try browsing the Windows update catalog.

This offers many more files for download than the standard Windows Update.

However, I would start with the latest drivers for the chip-set in the PC.

I have run into many a system CD that had older drivers on it than the manufactures web-site.


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by TheChas In reply to

Remembered that I had saved the page of items fixed by SP1.

Here are links to information that I found.

Hope they help.;en-us;Q313600;en-us;Q314634;en-us;Q312370

Remove any spaces from the pasted links.


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by daimon In reply to

Hi Chas,
Although I didn't quite get the exact information, I can see that you found a lot of links which did help.

Eventually after wading through the manufacturers website in Thai (which I can only read a little of), I found a link to their FTP site at which I managed to download the correct drivers for the USB hub. They weren't rated for XP, but they worked with no problems anyway.

Thank you for your advice and your links, I know you went to find the information for me, which is a very nice thing. Even though the complete info wasn't here, your information and suggestions to me assisted me and made me turn to the manufacturers website (although in Thai) at which I found my answer, so I will accept your posting.

Thanks again.

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by daimon In reply to USB 2.0 support for XP

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