USB affects mouse/keyboard

By daveyboy82 ·
Hi Gents and gentettes

I have a rather unusual problem i've come across to do with my friends computer. I've never seen this problem b4.

Anytime i plug anything into a usb port (front or back) the keyboard and mouse stop working. Then if i unplug the usb device the mouse and keyboard work again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled usb.

I did notice one of the usb ports at the rear are damaged, could this have done it?

Also if i plug in a mouse that is usb with a ps/2 adapter into the ps/2 port it wont recognise it and sez 'keyboard error or keyboard not present' at start up.

Do i have 2 tell him he needs a new m/b?

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what is the spec?

by dangolrajesh In reply to USB affects mouse/keyboar ...

Hi daveyboy you haven't mention what type of os and processor. Have you checked the cooling fan of cpu. it might be the cause because i have faced that type of problem before.
good luck.

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by daveyboy82 In reply to what is the spec?

its a celeron 2.6, MSI motherboard, windows xp with service pack 2.

I managed to source a new 478 pin m/b off ebay for cheap so hopefully it worx after i swap it out.

I dont understand how the cpu fan would interfere with usb?

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Same USB Problem Encountered...

by PJBrake In reply to USB affects mouse/keyboar ...

Did you get this problem fixed? I am running into the same type of problem. I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with four USB ports. Everytime I plug in my usb cable to the printer, all of my ports stop working. I have uninstalled them and restarted my XP Pro system, yet it still occurs. My wireless keyboard and mouse work fine until I plug in the usb cable to my printer. Any help would be appreciated! Polly

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