usb antivirus

By rawan abedull ·
how are u
Iwant to create own usb antivirus this year as
final project do u know how to detect viruses and how to develope
this program in c#
Iwant answer soonly please and thanks to u
all the best

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This would be a very difficult project

by robo_dev In reply to usb antivirus

If you can develop a functional AV program in about a month, and are starting with no idea how AV even works, then your learning curve will be very steep.

At a high level, there are several virus-detection methods:

signature-based scanners

behavior blocker programs

integrity checker programs

heuristic-based scanners and/or program blockers

There are two parts to Anti-Virus software. One part is identifying when an unwanted program is being executed, and is making changes to the system. The other part is to locate and isolate any malware as data is being copied, downloaded, or accessed.

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