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    usb assigned drive


    by patk ·

    I plug in a memory stick, it assigns it to drive F (next logical drive) However F is mapped to a network drive. I go into Disk Mgmt reassign it to drive B. take it out or reboot and the same thing happens Every Time! How do I get it to keep my USB slot permanently assigned to drive B?

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      by patk ·

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      I’m assuming Win XP???

      by rgoers ·

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      You’re doing something wrong. I have my stick assigned as drive “S” (for “stick” or “Sandisk”). It has held that letter ever since I assigned it several months ago.

      Try a higher letter. I’m thinking since A and B are typically FLOPPY drives, that may be your problem.

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        drive letter B or X same thing

        by patk ·

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        I’ve tried assigning it to a B then X, Z nada (Yes WinXP) My machine is not the only one doing it either

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          by rgoers ·

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          That’s a real strange one.

          I have 2 USB drives, and 3 or so USB Stick drives. I move them all over the place, and they always maintain the same drive letters I originally assigned them when I plug them into my laptop. My 60GB USB drive is I and H drives. My other one is U. My 2GB stick is S, etc…

          I wish I could help… but your particular case has me stumped. ???

          One last try… What do you have it formatted as? Mine are all FAT32.

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          yes to fat32

          by patk ·

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          yes its a fat32. could it be i use different usb sticks, not always the same one?

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          USB varies

          by patk ·

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          Yes it varies on which USB I insert. If I continue to insert the same USB memory stick it keeps the assigned letter but if I get a different one, which I do from various clients, it goes back to unrecognized drive. Anyway I can assign the physical USB port to a drive letter verse what is being put into it?

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          That ‘splains it…

          by rgoers ·

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          Ah, Now I see what you’re getting at. I believe there’s a unique “stick identifier” that gets stored somewhere.

          Now that I know what you’re really looking for… There is NO way that I know of to assign the USB port a letter.

          You could play a trick with TweakUI and uncheck all of your un-used “drives” except for the one you want assigned to the USB port. That would force it to assign that drive letter to an storage device plugged into your USB port. There’s a catch though: If you try plugging in 2 sticks, or a stick and a USB drive, etc. you’ll not have enough letters to assign…

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      Something Odd

      by paul.desjardins ·

      In reply to usb assigned drive

      There is certainly something odd about that. It should maintain it’s drive letter. Of course, you have to set a drive letter for every “new” drive key you insert. It’s almost as if it considers it to be a new usb key every time. I recommend trying a different flash drive if possible to see if it happens there as well. If it does, you may have a glitch with your OS install. If it doesn’t, then there is probably a driver issue with that particular key.

      Then again, it might be something so simple, we can’t see it.

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