USB C right angle connection to Ethernet adaptor

By hammondmj ·
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Hi, I cannot find anywhere on the internet a usb c to ethernet adaptor with a right angle usb c connection. The right angle is important due to the nature of the case which i like to keep the laptop in for protection.

I have tried several cables and couplers to try get around the problem (USB C right angle male to male cable - USB C female to female coupler - ethernet adaptor, none have worked. It is as if the adaptor must be plugged direct into the machine for it to be recognised.

Does anyone know why or able to offer advice? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: adaptor

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to USB C right angle connect ...

- Does it work if you connect it directly (out of the case for an experiment)? You didn't tell.
- Does another USB-device (like a USB-stick) work with the same 2 cables in between?
- Try one cable less with https://www.onlinekabelshop.nl/usb-c-m-haaks-links-rechts-usb-a-v-adapter-usb3-0-zwart-0-15-meter, for example (in The Netherlands, alas)

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to USB C right angle connect ...

Would have us in a lab to dissect the parts that don't work. This would be very expensive so my advice is to try just a right angle thing like https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Ruaeoda-Degree-Extension-MacBook/dp/B077XL7Q7H/ with the adapter to see if that works before any other USB extender cable.

Another idea would be to put some USB C hub in the box that you cable over to and see if the Ethernet works on that hub.

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USB C right angle connection to Ethernet adaptor

by hammondmj In reply to USB C right angle connect ...

Thanks for the responses.

Let me first confirm the adaptors (3 of them) all work fine for ethernet and USB A devices when plugged in directly, should have mentioned this.

In fact usb devices also do not work when using extension cables, i have tried using 4 different cables.

After further research i'm wondering if its a voltage drop issue, as have found other discussions regarding USB hub extensions with very trial and error results dependant on the cables used. Also as i cannot find a usb c male to usb c female extension cable with the right-angle connection flush enough to work, i am having to also add a coupler to the equation which likely is not helping.

Kees_B that link did not work for me

rproffitt, was thinking of tryng one of those right angle adaptors but they are slightly wider then the right angle cables i found which fit better into the case, maybe this is my next attempt though

itsdigger thanks for the link, unfortunately as i'm UK based all the suppliers for that device are over $100 shipping! lol.

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by itsdigger In reply to USB C right angle connect ...
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by hammondmj In reply to Meh!

Thanks, odd my search will never bring this item up unless i search for the brand or maybe i just didnt scroll through enough pages, the plug is still very wide though and wont fit which defeats the object of what i need the right angle,
Appreciate the help though

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to USB C right angle connect ...

I'd use the right angle bit and then a hub from https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-usb-c-hubs-and-docks/ since those have Ethernet in some cases.

If the right angle is too long I'll write your case is too small or you need to carve some relief in that area.

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