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By Mike (from Canada) ·
I have Windows 95B and I added USB support, and all USB drivers work fine. I install the camera into a USB slot, and Windows detects it as DUAL-MODE DSC 2770. The funny thing is that I get somewhat better results when I change it to the "USB Camera by Intel" driver. In fact, with the change, I dont get a yellow exclamation beside the device.

Now here's the real problem. I have tried the video capturing software included on the CD that came with the camera. The problem is that it does not work at all. But when I found vidcap32.exe and vidcap32.hlp (windows video capture components) on the web, it was able to detect the camera, but it could not recognize the camera image format.

Is there any software out there for Windows 95 (or preferably Windows 3.1) that can detect and use my camera properly, because right now, my $9.95 is going nowhere.

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by CG IT In reply to USB Camera

what you might want to do is find an old copy of photoshop that runs on Windows 95/98. [Ebay might be the place to look] Use photoshop to import the picture files from the camera.

If the camera mfg has twain drivers for you camera, get em and install them.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

Between the time I posted the question and now, I installed major software (basically equivalent to photoshop). I tried accessing the camera through twain, and the camera doesn't work (maybe a buggy twain package). vidcap32.exe (microsoft video capture) was the only piece of software that did most with my camera, yet not enough.

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by saihib In reply to USB Camera

Go to and download their software. I was able to get it to make a Sony videoconferencing camera work through a Canopus capture card. It might work for you.

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by Mike (from Canada) In reply to

They claim they do not support Windows 95 which is what I am using.

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