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USB Device not recognised

By jobayus ·
I have two Devices,one an MP3 Player and A Micro Drive and when I attach them to The USB Port,Win XP says "One of the USB Devices attached to this Computer Malfunctioned and Windows Does Not Recognise it"I have tried Uninstalling the Drivers for both of them and then Installing them again but I keep getting the same Message.I have also Disabled The USB through The BIOS and Enabled again and still no luck.Can you please help me with this Problem.Thank You.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB Device not recognised

If they where working previously the most likely thing is that one of the Recent Windows Security Patches has disabled them from the USB Device list.

Try them on an unpatched Windows computer or better still drop in a Knoppix CD and boot from that and when it is running plug in the devices to test them to see if they are still working. You can get a copy of Knoppix from the following URL

If the de=vices still are working you'll need to go bach through the list of installed Patches and look up what they where supposed to addressa nd then take Pot Luck by attempting to remove them which you most likely will be unable to so you'll need another HDD or at the very Least a spare Partition to install XP to. Then test the device sa gain and if they are working you can them proceed to install one patch at a time till the unit stops working with these USB devices. At that point you'll know which Patch it was that broke their drivers and you'll be able to avoid it when you do a Clean install or you could just leave an unpatched copy of XP on the system and Dual Boot into it whenever you want to run one of these devices.

Just a word of warning here if you do a clean install and avoid any problem Patches there is no garantee that the next round of XP Patches will not cripple these devices again.

If you can get newer drivers for them this may be of some assistance but there is no garantee that they will actually work.


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by TheChas In reply to USB Device not recognised

It may be an issue of your USB port not providing enough power for multiple devices.

If each device works by itself when connected, you need to install a powered hub.

If you are using a non-powered hub, that could be the problem also.


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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to USB Device not recognised

If yougo into disk management via device manager do you see the USB Drives? If they are there then change the drive letters to ones not being used.

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Similar problem with HP DVD writer

by ajayk In reply to USB Device not recognised

I had the same problem with my HP dvd840 DVD writer. I called HP tech support. They suggested me to unplug the power for the DVD writer and plug it again after a few seconds. I tried it and it worked!

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