USB Device Not Recognized

By CapsFanQ ·
Over the weekend, I transferred several photos off of my digital camera onto my laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1545, running Vista. For some reason, now when I try plugging my camera in (via USB) to transfer photos off the camera, I get a pop up bubble saying "USB Device Not Recognized". I thought it might be a bad USB cord but when I tried to use another USB device, I got the same pop up bubble.

I checked the Device Manager and nothing seems to be out of sorts, except for when I try turn on the USB device, and an "unknown device" shows up on the list.

Is there something I can do to restore the use of my USB ports that were working just less than a week ago??

Thank you!

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I don't have Vista.

by Ron K. In reply to USB Device Not Recognized

Dell is great for drivers. It's a good practice to download every driver they have available. Put them in a folder by themselves so you won't lose them. Label it Dell drivers or similar. It's also a good idea to burn the drivers to a CD or DVD and keep it handy for WHEN Windows screws up.<br>

I believe that all flavors of Vista still have System Restore. That's where you can go back to a previous date where everything worked. If I'm not wrong, you can get to System Restore by going to Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Restore. If you had SR turned on there should be a daily restore point back to before the USB ports quit working. Try restoring to that. <br>
The other thing I'd try would be to remove the USB ports from Device Manager. Right click on them and delete. Then rescan (it's an option on the menubar) and reinstall the the drivers. If Windows doesn't automatically install the drivers go to your driver folder and extract the correct drivers to a subfolder of that one. This time when you try to install the drivers choose to include that subfolder location for Windows to search. They should install.<br>

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Dell Inspiron driver page.

by Ron K. In reply to I don't have Vista.
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Couple of thoughts

by IC-IT In reply to USB Device Not Recognized

Many cameras require their own drivers to be loaded in order to download from the "Camera" itself. Usually this is not required to read from a memory card that is in the camera.

Is there a chance that someone removed the memory card?

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Watch it be stuck in his card reader.

by Ron K. In reply to Couple of thoughts

I've taken pictures without the card in the camera but I'm not going to tell anyone that.

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by CapsFanQ In reply to Watch it be stuck in his ...

Wow thanks for your semi-sarcastic reply. I am the only one who uses these cameras and I never take the cards out.

I was hoping to find some help on this site, not some kind of rude comment implying I don't know what I'm talking about.

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Memory still in...

by CapsFanQ In reply to Couple of thoughts

No, I haven't tried to remove the memory card and have tried multiple cameras with the same result. The "USB Device is not recognized" pop up keeps coming up, whether the device is plugged in or not.

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Encountered similar problems

by shasca In reply to USB Device Not Recognized

If you ahve also attached any new USB device since the Camera worked, you could have a drive letter conflict. You can resolve this by right clicking my computer and entering disk management. Then look at the disks identified within. You may need to change the assigned leetters there.

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Windows Vista

by CapsFanQ In reply to Encountered similar probl ...

OK, this might be a stupid question, but how do I go about finding "disk management" in Vista? My computer isn't as evident in Vista as it is in XP and 7.

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several ways

by shasca In reply to Windows Vista

In you explorer you can just right click on computer. It will be one of the menu options there. You can right click on "Computer" icon on the desktop also.

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No luck

by CapsFanQ In reply to several ways

OK, I got into the Disk Management section and did not see any duplication in drives. Even after plugging and unplugging the USB camera. It was definitely a great theory, I wish it had worked!

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