USB drive

By reyferns ·
If we double click on USB flash drive it gives error message "Access is denied". Same if go to explorer and open , it opens.

Also on some PC if we open the flash drive, it opens sucessfully.

Why this happens?

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"Access is denied" to usb flash drive

by david In reply to USB drive

I have an Adata usb flash drive with the same problem. I get an "access is denied" message trying to open it. all the USB devices report OK. i can open the flash on other computers, and I used to be able to do it on this computer. ! Would bge good to hear if anyone has managed to to fix this issue

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Works in Safe Mode

by david In reply to "Access is denied" to usb ...

I found that if i boot XP in Safe Mode then i can see and open the Flash drive, which is a bit ironic really. points towards a driver issue.

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this works

by bill In reply to "Access is denied" to usb ...

just put your drive in a differewnt computer and format. works every time for me with verious brands of flash drives. Works best if you use a xp machine for a vista and 98 for a XP.

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figured out how to get in..

by 7th_dust In reply to "Access is denied" to usb ...

i've had the same problem.. if i double click the usb folder/drive, it says "access denied".

i tried right-click, then explore..
it opens! hope it works on you..

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Fix for USB Flash Drive "Access is denied"

by haris.balcinovic In reply to "Access is denied" to usb ...

The error is caused by a change to the Autorun.inf file on your flash drive. (It's just an annoyance from some spyware/malware)
How to fix - First go to Windows Explorer (or My Computer). The autorun file is hidden and labeled as protected OS file. Go to Tools > Folder Options.
In Folder Options dialog box click on the View tab. Under Advanced settings: look for Hidden files and Folders. Click on the ?Show hidden files and folders? option. Next make sure you scroll down and UNCHECK the ?Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)? option. Click OK.
Since you?re still in Windows Explorer/My Computer ? Right click on your USB Drive and click on Explore. Find Autorun.inf (most likely grayed out and labeled just ?autorun?). Right click the file and choose properties. Uncheck ?Read Only? option on the bottom. Before you click OK ? also click on the ?Change?? button and choose Notepad as the application. Once you click OK you should be able to double click the file and open it in Notepad.
When the file opens ? erase/delete EVERYTHING! And save it. (You can go back and hide the hidden files and folders again ? also make sure that you make the Autorun file Read Only.
Unplug/disconnect the drive, then reconnect it.
That should be it.

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thank you thank you

by uveeraju In reply to Fix for USB Flash Drive " ...

thank you for the information it worked

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Access denied

by ozi Eagle In reply to USB drive


Look in ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS - COMPUTER MANAGEMENT - DISK MANAGEMENT and check that the USB device has been assigned a unique drive letter. I have found that sometimes it is assigned a letter that already exists for another drive. Change it to a free letter.

Good Luck


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Thanks, but didn't work

by david In reply to Access denied

Yeah Thanks, but i've tried that. I can see the flash as a drive, but cant get into it. Also interestingly enough Disk Management doesnt report it's file system type. C:Drive is NTFS that's OK, but the Flash should be FAT32 (or 16) which doesnt show

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Data Doctor is able to recover the files

by david In reply to USB drive

Interestingly enough, the Data Doctor Pen Drive was able to get the files off the Flash drive. I also read something about it's a problem with permissions in the resgistry, but no detail on what ones !

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Flash drive access

by glenn.pearce In reply to Data Doctor is able to re ...

Hi David,

Did you find a fix for this problem. I've had the same or a similar issue for months, so I'm interested in any possible solutions.

If you can please let me know how you got on?

Kind regards,


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