USB Drive not being allocated a drive letter in win xp

By bldsm ·
Hello all.

I searched for this issue but could not locate the answer so I am hoping someone can either tell me the solution or point me towards the answer elsewhere in this forum please.

I have a Win XP laptop and a generic 2GB USB zip drive. When I plug it in the PC installs it but I cannot see it in Windows Explorer or My Computer. Device Manager says its working but its invisible to me.

Both laptop and zip drive are brand new and the zip drive works fine as it should in other machines.


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Disk Management

by scott In reply to USB Drive not being alloc ...

Check Disk Management. I think you may have to do something with it in there. It's been so long I can't remember exactly what you have to do, but I do remember having to go there. Seems like it may show up as foreign media and you have to import it, or re-scan maybe.

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Drive letter

by Romadon In reply to Disk Management

You will have to go to disk managment and change the drive of on of your drives( not C drive). The USB drive is using the same dive letter as one of you other drives. I changed my USB dive to a letter I knew would never be used by another drive once I located it.

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My problem was the conection

by mark In reply to Disk Management

I had the same frustrating problem with a hard drivein a USB external caddy. Eventually it turned out that the disk was connected to the worng header plug on the caddy unit's circuit board and - hey presto - everyting worked a treat.
I don't know if you have built you own unit or not but this was my probelm - very simple as it turned out.

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Your USB drive probably needs formatting

by TechExec2 In reply to USB Drive not being alloc ...

If your drive is brand new, it probably just needs formatting. If you have been using it and it suddenly does not mount, it is probably failing or has failed.

To format a drive:

1. Insert the USB drive.

2. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management.

3. A wizard may popup to help you "initialize" and "format" the USB drive. Follow the wizard if it appears.

4. If it does not, find the USB drive/volume in the list of volumes. Click it to select it. Choose Action -> All Tasks -> Format. It sounds like this is a "flash" drive (small thumb drive). Format it as FAT. Reminder: Formatting erases all data on the drive.

If this solves it for you, post back and let us know.

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USB external drive listed in device manager not listed in my computer

by rustyxrc In reply to Your USB drive probably n ...

I followed the instructions and the problem was solved.

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Computer management

by bldsm In reply to USB Drive not being alloc ...

Thanks everyone for the advise. I found disk management as suggested and told the PC to allocate the letter P to the usb zip drive when it was plugged in seeing letters C-N were already being used. Now when the drive is plugged in it works everytime. Thanks again.


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