USB drive shuts computer down

By shiz50 ·
Using PC, dual, 2GB RAM, Windows XP on student computers. Computers shut down when USB drive is inserted.

Some obscure Win XP security setting?

Computers have DeepFreeze (problems continue with DF off) and are Ghosted.

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Damaged USB Port

by mmauer In reply to USB drive shuts computer ...

What happens when you insert the usb. Does it shutdown straight away like a power issue, or do you see the Pc shut down like it normally would.

With the USB Check it does not have any hidden system files such as virus or autorun.

Try the back ports of the PC. If the USB connections on the PC's or the usb stick have been damaged it will reset the PC. I have found students sticking metal rulers (and other objects) into the usb damaging the port.

Also with Deepfreeze, I hope that deepfreeze is not installed on the ghost image. As i have found that it will stuff the image. Its best installed onto machine after imaging.

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Yes, you are right--it's DeepFreeze

by shiz50 In reply to Damaged USB Port

Yes DeepFreeze is the problem. We had never before made an image with DeepFreeze installed but our new co-worker insisted it would work.

These are brand new computers so the students have not had time to damage them yet. The USB ports in the back of the machine shut down as well.

We tried uninstalling DeepFreeze and then re-installing it and it worked on 4 machines, then it did not work on the next 4. Then we returned to the original first 4 and found it had stopped working (it was shutting down when USB inserted).

It waits until the the computer recognizes the drive and then shuts down. One time it showed a blue "check disk" screen and then returned to the OS without shutting down, but the "blue screen of death" may have been changed to an automatic shut down command by some Windows XP fix.

Now I guess we are stuck with creating a new image from scratch and re-deploying on all the new machines....

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Here is a link to a handy little tool.

by Jacky Howe In reply to USB drive shuts computer ...

Save it to the desktop and run it. It should let you know where the problem is.

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