USB drive virus

By Solcom2 ·
on my usb drive i have some shortcuts, which were never before,i think they are four to five like new folder,password,document,picture,music,how to get rid of them

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Presenting yourself as a consultant

by santeewelding In reply to USB drive virus

Maybe you need to distinguish, first, between "read" and "rid" before you present yourself to the entire field of those who do know the difference.

Me, I dismiss you.

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by Solcom2 In reply to Presenting yourself as a ...

thanks for the reply but it was not the answer i was expecting.This is a forum for technology not for language so keep it for was first time i opened my account in tech republic,and second day of my own IT consultancy a small company but with a big dream

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by NexS In reply to USB drive virus

No you're not.
We can speak English.

For your solution, you can hold the shift key and press the delete key. You can use a virus scanner to see if they are dangerous, and then it will be deleted by the software, you can delete it using a command prompt.

Take your choice.

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by Solcom2 In reply to Australia?

Yes, I did the same thing but it appears again.It's true that you can speak ONLY English??????

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Sounds like

by TobiF In reply to USB drive virus

Some kind of software on a computer somewhere treated this USB stick a MP3/MP4 player and started synchronizing against it.

So, could be a virus, but may also be just not-to-well-written vendor ware.

Check out for files named autorun!

Holding down shift when a usb device is mounted should disable autostart.

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Thanks For suggestion

by Solcom2 In reply to Sounds like

Thanks For suggestion

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Well here I'm assuming that this is some form

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to USB drive virus

Of Windows that is the base OS involved here.

So just the obvious what have you installed that works with a USB Drive? It can either copy Data to it or Sync with it using some form of M$ Active Sync?

Look at the newly installed Software as the problem and then work out if you really do need to remove these entries.

You can always format the Thumb Drive as well as the suggestions above if necessary but first what have you done to see what is happening here?


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