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USB external drive ( Adaptec USB 2.0)

By yjeanty ·
Windows 2000 pro detect the Mass storage device. However, after auto install driver, it comes back saying device will not work properly. Device manager has the warning sign. I un-installed the device and reinstalled it. Problem does not resolved. Drive does not come with driver for windows 2k. Adaptec claim that it included in Windows 2000 pro and XP. I running windows 2000 pro w/sp4.

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by TheChas In reply to USB external drive ( Adap ...

Is your USB port a USB 2.0 port or a USB 1.1 port?

Some newer devices do not work on older USB 1 ports.


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by yjeanty In reply to USB external drive ( Adap ...

It is suppose to be a USB 2.0 high speed external drive. It is made by Adaptec Model ACS-100.

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by In reply to USB external drive ( Adap ...


Some thoughts:

- Adaptec is correct. Universal drivers for USB storage devices are included in Windows 2000 and XP.

- This sort of thing usually works very well.

- The drive or the USB controller in the external drive could be defective. I've seen this before. Try it in another computer and see if it works there.

- The USB port in your computer could be defective. Soution: If this is a desktop computer and you have a free PCI slot, you could obtain an inexpensive PCI-to-USB 2.0 card.

Did this help with your problem?

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by Synthetic In reply to USB external drive ( Adap ...

Verify the drive works. try the drive on another system. The adpatec 2.0 drives normally have no issues with back-wards USB 1.X compatibility. Do you have more than one USB port? Does the same issue happen with this port? Normally, my experience with jump drives is that they either work, or they don't. My gut feeling would be a bad drive, at least, that would be my first step to verify, before making things more complicated. Good Luck.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB external drive ( Adap ...

Well the thing that you have is a mounting kit for a 3.5 inch IDE HDD, there are several possibilities the most obvious one being that the jumper setting is wrong for the enclosure.

There is another possibility as well you have not plugged the drive in right or not plugged in the power connector to the HDD. Also have you used the supplied Power Connector to power the drive in the enclosure?

Have you tried a different USB port or are you running this through one or more USB hubs?

My first impressions would be that the HDD isn't jumpered properly or a bad connection in the caddy as these things generally just work without a problem.

There is another possibility as well are you using more than 1 USB Drive? That could be a problem as I've seen numerous occasions where a drive will not work on one computer with a USB caddy already installed but work perfectly on another computer.

Did you fit a HDD to the enclosure or are you just trying to use the enclosure without a HDD installed that would give you the problems that you are talking about here.

Lets know how you get on and if this is of any help. If it isn't can you post back and I'll see what else I can come up with.

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