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By bliim ·
I have a 300 Gb Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 which up until recently has been working well with my Acer Travelmate 370 laptop to store large files and backups.

Recently the laptop had some issues with the Windows XP version of the screaming blue screen of death owing I think to some software peripheral conflicts. When a blue screen would appear I would restart the laptop and it would do a checkdisk, usually on the C drive but on at least one occasion on the Maxtor drive. On that occasion I pressed the spacebar to skip the scan. Unfortunately since then the laptop has failed to show the Maxtor in Explorer.

When I plug the Maxtor in I hear Windows make a sound that it has recognized the drive but it does not show up in Explorer.

When I go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools the Maxtor shows up on Computer Management as "Online" but "Unallocated" with no drive letter in the top portion.

Can I get this drive to be recognized by laptop again without losing all the information on it?

Steve Bliim

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Computer Mgt - assign drive letter

by oharaphil In reply to USB External Drive

From within the computer Management window are you able to right click on the Maxtor drive...do you get an option to change drive letter ? if you do all you need to do is left click on this option and assign the maxtor one of the available drive letters.

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External USB Drive

by bliim In reply to Computer Mgt - assign dri ...

Sorry I have been away from my computer for a few days. Thanks for your reply.

I can right click on the Maxtor within Computer Management but don't get the option to change drive letter. I get three options: New Partition, Properties and Help. The Disk is described on the left as "Disk 1, Basic, 279.47 Gb, Online". The bar going across the page from there is shown as "279.47 Gb Unallocated".

Any further ideas would be appreciated as I have quite som Gb of info which I currently cannot access on that disk.

Steve Bliim

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