USB External Hard Disk not working well in XP/Vista

By ekang52200 ·
Hi, I'm facing a funny problem, I cant' find a solution, hopefully someone can help. Thanks.

Recently I've bowwored a USB 2.0 External Hard Disk (2.5", 160GB) from friend, i tested in my friend house under XP32 & Vista64, everything working well, when I connect it into my home PC, starting was Ok, I can see the drive detected under "My computer", I even can create a new folder in Usb Ext HD. So, i start to copy files from internal SATA to Usb Ext HD, after quite some time it stopped copying by giving a msg something like "Error prevention. . . .", now the big problem happened...

After that all the time this Usb Ext HD not working well anymore, even I shutdown & restart PC still facing the same problem, the problem is funny as stated below:

1) Sometime, Usb Ext HD was detected under my computer, but when u try to double-click the drive, it has no respond for a long time, I can't access the drive.

2) I wait for a long time finally i'm managed to access it, the folder or files listed was not complete.

3) The whole PC system was slow down, even I access other internal drive take a long time or no respond BUT when I disconnect Usb Ext HD, everything back to normal.

Virus scanning has been done, no virus found in this Usb Ext HD.

I've tested the same scenario under XP32 & Vista64, both having the same problem. But when I tested again in my friend PC every thing Ok. I even re-partitioned, re-format the SATA internal harddisk, re-install XP32 & Vista64 still can't manage to solve it.

In Bios, the Usb setup as below:
Usb 1.1 enabled
usb 2.0 enabled
Usb Speed Hi-Speed (480Mbps/sec)

Pls help

Thank you.

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Try a Powerd USB HUB

by Jacky Howe In reply to USB External Hard Disk no ...

it may not be getting the required voltage.

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by roshan_hassim In reply to USB External Hard Disk no ...

I things its a a USB Malfunction u can try removing the USB root hub.. If not u will have to reinstall the OS..

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HI
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This is probably related to your computers Hardware

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to USB External Hard Disk no ...

The USB Ports are supposed to supply 500 Milliamperes per socket/plug or whatever you want to call those jacks.

Many newer NB in particular but some M'Boards do not supply 500 Milliamperes per USB Port so the Drive is underpowered.

The solution here is to either use a Powered USB Hub or if this drive came with a Y Cable plug both USB Plugs into different USB Ports to provide the necessary power for the external Drive. If the Enclosure has provision for an External Power Source plug a suitable Power Adapter into it. These 2.5 inch HDD work on 5 V DC so a 5 V DC Plug Pack with 750 or more Milliamperes will be sufficient.

The USB Hard Drive Enclosure Makers say that any drive below 80 GIG should only require 1 USB Plug to be plugged in but if the drive is above 80 GIG you need to plug both of the USB Plugs into Sockets to deliver enough power to the External HDD.

If you look at the Y Cable the lead tot he second Plug is thiner and is only there to supply voltage it is not a Data Lead so if you happen to plug in just the Power Plug the drive is not getting the correct signals to work properly.


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