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USB Files Read Only on one PC

By cccgsmith ·
I have a student who has saved files on her USB Flash Drive at home. She can view the files, but cannot change them. But, at school, she CAN change the files. What would cause this and how can it be corrected?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB Files Read Only on on ...

We would need to know what OS is being used at her home and what's she done to secure that terminal down.

As she can still access the Thumb Drive the USB Ports must be open but it's possible that some security settings have been altered or the user account set to such a low level that she is unable to change the contents of the Thumb Drive.

See if she can log in with Admin Privileges and then alter the USB files.

The other thing to look at is how these files where saved if they where saved on a 2003 controlled Domain it could be the security settings on the Domain Controller in Group Policies that is prevent he being able to access these files.

There are just so many possibilities that's it's impossible to give a much better answer without a lot more information. But My first option if the files where saved at the school would be to look at her account settings on the Server to see if there are any restrictions placed on her there.


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by RKG In reply to USB Files Read Only on on ...

The first thing I would suspect is a bad connector on her USB port at home. Does she have a different USB port to connect to?

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by cccgsmith In reply to

Good thought. She is long gone, so I have no idea if the problem got resolved.

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