USB Flash Drive is write protected, no physical switch How do I remove it?

By trglory ·
Thumb drive has no physical switch. Manufacturer contact was no help. Format type is FAT32. Don't care about the files on the stick, I just want to gain functionality again.

Correction: format type is exFAT.

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Write Protected USB

by dmiles In reply to USB Flash Drive is write ...

Attempt to add a file to, or delete a file from, the drive. If an error message appears informing you that the drive is write-protected click "Start." Type "regedit" into the search box. Hit "Enter" to open Registry Editor.

Expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," "SYSTEM," "CurrentControlSet" and "Control" keys.

Click "StorageDevicePolicies." Double-click "WriteProtect" from the right pane. Change the "Value Data" field to "0."

Click "OK" to modify the DWORD value. Remove the USB drive from the computer. Wait five seconds, then reinsert the drive into the USB port.

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Company PC?

by TheChas In reply to USB Flash Drive is write ...

Note that more and more businesses are locking down the use of USB storage devices. Either with group policy, or software that limits you to the use of a whitelisted device.

Basically, in many companies you can only write files to approved USB devices. This is usually coupled with a requirement that the USB drive meet a minimum encryption requirement.


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about without writeprotection flash drive

by bandakiran In reply to USB Flash Drive is write ...

hi dmiles i have tried what said but again my flash drive showing write protection so please help me..............

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