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    usb flash drive recovery


    by alwayslors ·

    I have an 8 gig usb drive that I use for everything, my life is on that drive including all my assignments for the last 6 years. The other day it stopped working, when I put it into the usb port it shows up in windows but when I try to access it I am asked to insert media as though it were a cd drive and it shows as being full up.

    I have tried it in several machines and get the same thing, I have even tried it on diffrent os’s including xp, vista and ubuntu. Does anyone have any software or tricks they recomend to get back the information on it? I have backups but due to some mistake in my backup program the last 6 months are missing so everything I was working on is gone and I would rather get it back than have to re-do the work as I have a couple of assignments due next week which I had done but not handed in. Please can anyone help?

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      by alwayslors ·

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      worth a try

      by teezee35 ·

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      If it assigns it a drive letter and you can see it under ‘my computer’, right click, go to properties, then the ‘tools’ tab, click ‘check now’ and select both options in the next window, then ‘start’. Will do a scan and fix bad sectors. if this doesn’t work, i know of no other way.

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      OK as this is [i] [u]Important Data

      by oh smeg ·

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      I suggest not attempting to do anything with it pack it up and find a Data Recovery Company who can work with USB Thumb Drives there are a few around.

      Pack it up and send it to them and pay them to recover what they can off the device. If you start to mess with it now you will only increase the costs involved in recovering any data that is still there and running the risk of destroying what ever is left on the device.

      What has happened here is that the Solder Connections inside the unit have failed so that the Computer recognizes the device but not any of the Physical RAM that you save things to so the system is seeing it as possible to replace the media just like an Optical Drive. The reason that it’s showing as full is that there is nothing to read there just like a blank CD/DVD Disc.

      Generally this happens when these devices are stuffed into pockets or other places with a reasonably warn temp and high humidity. If you can’t afford the cost of the recovery that may not actually produce any readable data I would suggest making a start on redoing the work now as that is the cheapest option available. It will also give you the maximum amount of time to possible to get the work done on time. I think it’s time that you look at your DR Plan as what you have isn’t working and you need to realize that USB Thumb Drives [b]Are Not[/b] Reliable. 😉


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      usb flash drive recovery

      by saqfrd ·

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      Dear Alwayslors

      Please visit below mention link and download recovery tool and recover Data.…/3000-2242_4-10700115.html

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      flash drive recovery software

      by salman_ah ·

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      There are many software for recovery data from USB. so search on

      i know 1 product its very good. so try it “flash recovery 4.0”

      85% i am sure that it recovery your data.

      wish you all the best

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      flash drive recovery

      by greenscat ·

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      This tool can help you to recover your files from damaged media.

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      File Recovery Tool Does VOlumes and mroe – FREE

      by bsharpe37 ·

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      Try using

      It wont write or try to change you data on the driver like a few suggestions here offer, I have used this tool to recover files even from Partitions that have been deleted and volumes that have been corrupted. Give it a try hope it helps.

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