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USB Flashdrives

By bhanshaw ·
I heard you can use your USB flash drives like your memory sticks in your laptop or desktops. Is this true, and is this a good idea? If this is a good idea, what are the steps for setting it up that way? Also, I heard that you can install operating systems on them. Is this also a good idea, how big of a flash drive would you use, and how would set it up? If you were able to do it would it be safe to do it?

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by formerly CallPete.com In reply to USB Flashdrives


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Is It True

by The Scummy One In reply to USB Flashdrives

Yes, In Vista you can use a flash drive (memory stick(USB)), SD card, etc. to add to system memory. I havent used it, so I have no feedback.

I would doubt that you can install Windows Operating systems on them, but there are a few Linux varieties (like puppylinux) which can be put on a flash drive, to boot computers.

Is it good to do? Time will tell. My personal opinion would be an uneducated no for RAM, and yes for OS.
My no on RAM would be more because flash memory was not intended to be used like more volatile RAM chips. However, I have read nothing that would suggest that it damages the flash drives at all.

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A bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP is possible

by sleepin'dawg In reply to USB Flashdrives

You can create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP providing your BIOS will permit configuring a USB port as a bootable device. It's a handy item to have around. I doubt you could do it with Vista unless your flash drive was the size of a brick. Check this link for instructions of how to do it. BTW get as large a capacity drive as possible; the article mentions a 512kb UFD but there are larger ones available and there might be a few other things you might want to add.


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Bootable USB drive

by zlitocook In reply to USB Flashdrives

I now have three bootable USB drives, Windows PE, the UBCD and a version of Knoppix. It is easy to install on a flash drive and will not hurt the installed O/S on the hard drive unless you want to. I use these to repair or to give me access to the drive I am working on. Two are one gig and one is four gig, but these will run on a smaller flash drive. As for set up it is different for each, so you will need to read the FAQ's for each. I have not tried to use a flash drive as memory yet.
As for set up this can take up way too much space here.

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