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    USB function Driver error in win2000pro


    by milan680 ·

    I was trying to get a new USB webcam to work with my Windows 2000 Professional. I had a different webcam hooked up to the USB port before and it worked fine but with the new webcam my problems started :

    Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard
    (Picture of USB Symbol)

    An error occurred during the installation of the deviceThe installation failed because a function driver was notspecified for the this device instance.
    To close the wizard, click Finish.

    Now every time I try to install any type of USB device (my old webcam, I even tried an Microsoft mouse)The same error occurs.

    I have spent countless hours surfing the newsgroups( a lot of people have the same error –no one had as solution)Microsoft KB ,Tech Web Sites, Camera manufacturer Tech Support-(they cant figure it either) I have tried to reinstall the USB driver everyway I know how (Rremove from device manager, remove all related USB devices, unplugged
    everything on the computer and re-plugged it back in (letting it find everything one at a time). I even reinstalled the O/S with a in place upgrade of windows2000pro.

    Anyway, I am stuck.Please help me find a solution.I really appreciate your input.
    Thanks in advance.

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      USB function Driver error in win2000pro

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to USB function Driver error in win2000pro

      Try booting the computer nad when the Add New Hardware Wizard starts,selct option to pick the manufaturer from list,you will then proceed to manually load the drivers for the web cam
      Select the manufacturer from list and then click have disk,then specify the location of disk,click on drivers and the specific operating system,click OK

      You can also try loading the Win98 driver from the disk if all else fails

      Follow the onscreen instructions then reboot
      W2K Pro is not all that friendly when it comes to loading certain hardware and it will try your patience.

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      USB function Driver error in win2000pro

      by milan680 ·

      In reply to USB function Driver error in win2000pro

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