USB Hard drive disconnects when moved

By nildey ·
Hey all!
I have a 2.5" HD in an external USB enclosure. It is about a year old and used to work great. Now however, it disconnects at the slightest movement. I'm not talking flipping it upside down or throwing it around, but ANY slight movement. If i leave it alone it works fine. Naturally it has dropped to the floor before, which is probably the cause of this problem.

My question just relates to where the likely damage is. From your experience, what should I look for when opening the case? Is it likely that the problem lies with the hard drive or the case?

Thanks for your answers!

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I would bet its in the case

by Dumphrey In reply to USB Hard drive disconnect ...

and most likely a short where the female USB end point is soldered to the circuit board. After a year I am sure your warrenty is expired, so why not unscew the case and have a looksee? Look for wires that are loose, soldered connectors being loose (USB and power)and any black spots on circuit boards where a surge may have fried part of the board.
Once the case is apart, I would also check the cables going to the hard drive to make sure they are still tight.

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by nildey In reply to I would bet its in the ca ...

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