USB Harddrive no longer accessible

By mr_macys ·
Here's the situation:

I am running Windows XP Pro SP2.

I have a SATA 320GB Western Digital Harddrive in a Vizo Luxon external HDD enclosure, connected to my computer using a USB 2.0 connection.

I have it formatted to show up as my E: drive

It was running just fine until a few days ago.

The Problem:
It no longer shows up in My Computer, preventing access.
It no longer shows up in Disk Management, preventing letter reassignment or reformatting.

The Safely Remove Hardware icon is in the systray, and is even listing the model of harddrive. The drive is also visible in Device Manager under Disk Drives. And of course, it says the Device is working properly...

What is going wrong?

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USB Harddisk problem

by trilok_bhatt80 In reply to USB Harddrive no longer a ...

Install your USb Harddisk in any other pc and check whether it is working there or not.

If it is not working there then its gone

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Besides checking on another computer running XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to USB Harddrive no longer a ...

Have you tried right clicking on the HDD in Disc Management to see if you can format the drive?

If you can it has been removed without using the Safe Remove Option and if you need to get your data back you will need some Data Recovery Software. Depending on what is actually stored on the drive this may be worthwhile or it may not and you may be better off blowing away the Drive and formatting which will destroy your data to anything but a Forensic Recovery Program.

If you want to try to recover the data here is a list of some Data Recovery Software which may suit you














I can not say how well all of these work but they are the most common used Recovery Solutions. My personal preference is for the On Track Offering but it's not cheap but it's quick and good. I have heard good reports on Spin Rite and Stella but I've never actually used either.

The Win Hex Product is a very powerful tool but it's also very dangerous in the wrong hands. So if you do not know HEX inside out I would strongly advise you against attempting to use it. The risks of doing more harm that you cure is just to great.

Also if you have never done any Data Recover Previously you need to know Never Write Anything to the Affected Drive as you will overwrite data that you are attempting to recover and make it unlikely that you can recover that data.

You need to save everything that you recover to a different HDD.

Also as you are using an external HDD you need to remember that these are for interment use and not constant use as the drives get hot and heat destroys HDD. The External Enclosures are not built for constant use and should only be used for backup and short runs not left on all the time.


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