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Hi, not to appear computer illliterate here but i really need some help.
i have just installed a few new programmes, one for a digital camera and one to play music... neither of wich seem to work.
for example when i turn on the music center the music will play and i can do most things... but when i connect the usb to the computer through the usb drives i have problems. firstly the computer asks me if i want to install the device found? this is odd as i have already installed it but then it flashes on and off repetativley untill i unplug the device. the same happens for my camera.

please can i have an answer to this question. i hope that i have come to the best people unlike those morons oin PC world. Thanks


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Well it would help if you asked the question properly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB HELP ME!!!

We need to know what OS is involved, what hardware is involved as the drivers for different bits work differently.

However working on the assumption that you have some form of Windows XP

As for the USB Camera I would tend to answer Yes as while you may have installed what you think are the drivers they may not be exactly that and they could be the setup files for the camera or some of the camera's software which will automatically download the camera's contents to it's own folder. As you didn't mention the Make & Model of the camera it impossible to say with any degree of certainty.

I'm not quite sure to tell you what to do about the music program as by your own admission it appears to be working and I certainly do not know what you are talking about when you say

but when i connect the usb to the computer through the usb drives i have problems. firstly the computer asks me if i want to install the device found?

What USB Device is this? You have made no mention of it anywhere and how are you connecting it through a USB Drive?

Sorry but that bit completely looses me as there is nothing in your post about what you are asking about.

This may help you out quite a bit as it tells you how to ask questions so that are able to be answered without causing any confusion

If you just concentrate on the sections called Before You Ask & When You Ask it should be very easy then to actually help you.


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OMG Col! Where did you find that!?!?

by daveo2000 In reply to Well it would help if you ...

I specifically LOVE the part about rudeness

or lack thereof. I showed that to my wife and said "See? These people don't even know me and wrote this." My point being that there are "others" out there that get described this way. She has tried to describe me in similar terms but she is wrong, I am sure .

And, USB person, please note that Colin has replied in a very not rude fashion. :)

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OK Dave I plead Guilty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OMG Col! Where did you f ...

Linux is Great and the Publications that are sent out for it are excellent.

Granted this particular publication is mainly aimed at the Linux Community but it's just so darn useful that I tend to use it a lot as what it states is just so obvious.

Granted I'm no The Chas who is the most Powerful Physic on the face of the planet and can understand a question by the first letter in the first 3 words. I need information so I can attempt to help. But as I only need another 69 accepted answers before I stop answering questions I want the information now so I can get there sooner rather than latter. :^0


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You Are Doing Well!

by Steffi28 In reply to OK Dave I plead Guilty

Only 69 to go, not bad Col! It was only a week or two ago it was 169! The way your going we will be able to have you 666 celebration in the next few days

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OK Lew / Pyro, don't forget to restate the question

by daveo2000 In reply to USB HELP ME!!!

You have our attention and with a little more information, you can probably get your answer.

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