USB - hibernate problems

By Anneley10 ·
man have I had a day of it!

Decided I would be power saving and put my pc on hibernate on Friday. Couldn't restart it this morning though, it hung at all sorts of places. I had to buy a Ps/2 keyboard to get past the first menu and be able to enter BIOS or anything. Then it hung at the Windows XP screen. So the next thing I tried was taking anything out like external drives, keyboard, mouse, and disabled the USB drives in the BIOS.

Fortunately this resolved the problem to a point, and I was able to load Windows (hurrah). However, now USB drives won't work properly. (Yes I enabled them again in the BIOS). I plug my standard Starck mouse in, and it recognises that something has gone in the USB drive, but shows that it is an unidentified device. Same with the cordless keyboard. The external drive just makes Windows hang so I'm not even going there with that one yet.

I have tried taking all USB devices out, uninstalling all the USB drives and then restarting twice to load everything up again. Still no luck with identification of mouse.

I also tried downloading and installing the keyboard and mouse pack from Microsoft, which has the Starck mouse on it. It installs fine and shows the right dialogue on the control panel under mouse, but says that some menus may be disabled until you plug the Starck mouse into the USB port (which it is).

So where does the problem lie? What should I do next? I'm a bit reticent to do anything like BIOS upgrades, as I don't really know what I'm doing.


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