USB Installize Freeze

By senju ·
MY PC freezes at times when it tries to boot up. I first thought it was my BIOS since nothing would happen after the SPLASH screen. After I remove all my connected USB cables, I was able to boot up again. I am still trying to locate the exact problem but I think it is due to my 23inch Apple monitor. The funny thing is that I have been using the monitor for over a year with no issues. It is only recently that this problem has developed. My guess is the Apple monitor somehow hangs in the process of trying to initialize its USB ports. Note: this monitor has 2 USB ports in the back. Could this be a driver issue? Has anyone experience this type of problem?

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Well it would help if you where to list the OS used

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to USB Installize Freeze

If this is one of the Apple OSX OS's then the monitor is likely to be faulty.

If you are using a copy of Windows it's possible that one of the recent Security Updates had caused this problem to occur.

The USB Hub in the Monitor should only start to produce problems when the OS Starts to open as the USB Hubs get initialised after the OS has started to run and is loading its drivers.


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Have you tried

by w2ktechman In reply to USB Installize Freeze

changing to a different monitor? Or not using the USB ports on that monitor?
If the monitors ports are causing the issue, removing them from service should allow you to boot again.

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