usb invisible files

By c.norman3 ·
hi anybody
let me explain the prob.
i bought A 16GB PEN DRIVE I GLEEFULLY dropped about 7.8 gb on it during the week so with the pen roughly 1/2 full i continued to put more stuff on the pen i saw the stuff going on,i put the pen back in later that day and as my curser rested on a file it showed "empty" well i had earler put 350mb in that file ,so i checked the size of the disc [pie chart]
and it showed the disc had indeed filled up by 355mb more
so i went back and forth but could not find these invisible files
,ithen took the drive to my mates house he put 380mb on the drive , took out the pen put the pen back in & no sign of the music he had just put on &once again the disc had grown in
size by the right amount ,i added up the amount of the visible files on the disc came to 7.80gb
the actual size of used space according to windows pie chart etc is 8.2gb please enlighten me if you can,xp pro, ntfs &
pen drive is fat 32
puzzled ..

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And the Brand & Model of the Thumb Drive is?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to usb invisible files

What destructions came with it and what didn't you do?

RTM is probably the best advice possible to give here. Read The Manual.

Some Thumb Drives compress the data copied to them to get the larger sizes and if you do not install the software that comes with them or on them they do not work correctly.

But in answer to your question these come with a FAT32 Format/Partition on them for ease of use as every computer will read a FAT32 Partition.


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