USB Keyboard and mouse issue?

I have a USB keyboard and mouse, at some point either of them will stop working. I have to unlpug it and plug it back again before it will work. what could be the problem and how to stop this from occuring again?

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It depends on how long you had the keyboard and mouse..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to USB Keyboard and mouse is ...

If they are too old then time for a change. Also it depends on HOW you disconnected the mouse. Did you disconnect the mouse while the computer was turned on? if you did then you could have damaged part of your motherboard.

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Reponse To Answer

by NWAGOD In reply to It depends on how long yo ...

Peconet, is a new USB dell keyboard and mouse. i have not done any disconnection until i had this problem. though i have to disconnect it while the system is on and plugged it back then it works but i am wondering what could cause this kind of problem and the solution to it so that it dont occur again.

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New USB dell keyboard and mouse?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to USB Keyboard and mouse is ...

So, are these BOTH usb?
You might need to go into your BIOS and select "Usb settings", in there you should enable "Legacy usb" or something similar.
You could also try another usb port for your keyboard. Make sure that you have NOT put the keyboard usb on the front of your tower/desktop computer as these front usb ports output less power than the back ports.
Hope all goes well.

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Scan for virus

by sanwardak In reply to USB Keyboard and mouse is ...

Try to scan for virus sometime the malware cause the problem and prvent programs from loading. Even though the usb input are plug and play, but give it a try, also try diffrent ports.

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