USB Keyboard & Mouse stop working as soon as Vista Welcome screen appears

By mpalermo ·
I'm working on a friend's computer. When the vista welcome screen appears, the lights to the usb keyboard and mouse turn off and I can't log in.

I can only get into the bios setup. Safe mode does not work. And the desktop (Dell Studio 540) does not have PS/2 ports.

I've tried booting from install disk and running repair. Also, ran system restore from recovery tool without luck.

If I leave the PC at the Welcome screen, after a while the screen saver comes on. So I'm not sure if the computer has gone into a power saving mode. Not that it matters - without a mouse or keyboard I can't get anywhere!

Does anyone know the resolution to this problem?

When I plug in a SATA XP drive, the mouse and keboard load without problems.

I've backed up the computer but since she has so many specialized programs, I was holding back on a complete system restore.

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Did you try unplugging and replugging?

by jdclyde In reply to USB Keyboard & Mouse stop ...

did you try a different port?

did you try a different keyboard/mouse?

how long has this been this way? Was it all at once that it went?

is this a ps2 keyboard/mouse with a usb adapter?

have you connected the keyboard/mouse to a different computer to verify they are still working?

try installing another keyboard/mouse after Vista is up, to see if it will recognize and install the new hardware.

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Yes - Tried all of that

by mpalermo In reply to Did you try unplugging an ...

I've tried all of the above (different port, unplugged, different usb mouse/keyboard, etc.) but still no luck.

They are usb (no ps2 adapters).

This happened a week ago. I think it has something to do with power/sleep settings but as I cannot get into Vista, I can't make any changes.

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USB Works with XP then

by BizIntelligence In reply to USB Keyboard & Mouse stop ...

USB works with XP then it is not internal hardware issue. It seems to be a problem with Vista then. Something like system drivers.

You have said "safe mode does not work". So what do you mean by that? It doesnt go in safe mode at all?

Have you tried connecting keyboard only i.e. just keyboard on separate USB ports?
Try that and let us know.

Can you try remotely enter into computer (you should have IP address of computer) via remote desktop connection?

Cheers !

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by mpalermo In reply to USB Works with XP then

Yes - since it works in XP, it's a Vista issue. Since she has all specialized settings, I didn't want to have to restore.

No keyboard/mouse in safe mode.

Yes, I've tried keyboard only. Mouse only. Still doesn't work.

I have tried to remote to this PC. I can work on that. I'm not sure if remote desktop is turned on. This computer is not part of a domain.


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Make sure "Legacy" is marked "Enable" in the BIOS::

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to USB Keyboard & Mouse stop ...

Go into the BIOS and look under the USB section and make sure that "Legacy" is Enabled.
Or you can use this tool here:
Re-install your USB drivers with DevCon Command Line Utility...

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks

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by mpalermo In reply to Make sure "Legacy" is mar ...

I've checked the bios but there isn't a legacy option under USB.

I will check out the command line utility.

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If all of the BIOS

by Jacky Howe In reply to USB Keyboard & Mouse stop ...

settings are correct it maybe a corrupt Driver Cache. If you can externally load XP and access the Vista inf folder you can back it up and then remove these files. Reboot Vista and it should autodetect and recreate them. Follow the steps in the Batch file.

How to fix Vista driver cache


Edit: to add
Make sure that Plug & Play is enabled in the BIOS.

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If above steps fails

by BizIntelligence In reply to If all of the BIOS

If above step fails then can you please try putting vista HDD in other machine to see if it works there or not.

Also,do you have spare PCI USB 2.0 Controller? If yes, try that....

If is most probably a corrupt vista system driver.

Cheers !

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by mpalermo In reply to If above steps fails

I intalled a pci usb card but it didn't change anything. I haven't put the hard drive in another computer because I don't have any other pc's with sata drives.

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I'll make it a bit easier

by Jacky Howe In reply to If all of the BIOS

Basically all you have to do when you boot from the XP CD is create a directory for a Backup and move the files. At the command prompt type in these commands and press Enter.

mkdir c:\windows\inf\infback

move /y C:\windows\inf\*.* C:\windows\inf\infback

Once you have finished restart the System and see if Vista will detect the Keyboard and Mouse.

Something similar to this solved an XP problem not so long ago.

Edit: change the drive letter c: to the drive letter that represents the Vista boot drive.

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